Creative Operations New York 2022

Making Creative Work Better


Roman Kuebler

Studio Production Manager

Under Armour

I stumbled into the world of Graphic Design and Production screen printing exhibits at the Maryland Science Center some 25 years ago. It was a bit antiquated, even then, but an appropriately unique place to begin a career journey that would lead me through various industries: museums, advertising, architecture, music, model making, political advertising, feature films, hospitality and, presently, sports and fashion. 

I was temping, freelancing, filling-in. Full-time, part-time, unemployed. Hourly, salary. On-site, at-home. The work was different at every stop, bending my perspective a bit to fit the new challenges. Through the variety I found a thread: “Production Makes Perfect.” I carried on. I worked, I learned and started to focus: “The Delivery is in the Details.” Focus sharpened while my perspective expanded: “Organize Early.” The picture was clearer still: Creative Operations.

Joining Under Armour in 2016 as Manager of Studio and Creative Operations, I discovered an opportunity to collect my career experiences in support of creating a global-to-regional distribution model from the ground up. Development towards that goal has mirrored my own path, in its variety and challenge, and has produced a similarly successful result - as long as you consider an adaptive, collaborative, work-in-progress (that's not totally sure where it’s going next) a success. I certainly do!


New York Hilton Midtown Hotel

What others say

The HS Creative Ops events are like a double shot of espresso at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, but the energy I get from it lasts all year! 

Michaele Cooper
Equinix Inc.

Such a beneficial experience! Can't wait to share take-aways with my team and put new strategies into action.

Kayla Hilditch
Commonwealth Financial

HS Creative Operations provided a rare substantive opportunity for me to meet with like minds in the industry, share common challenges and actionable solutions and leave with a real sense of comradery.

Britt Godshalk
Edelman Public Relations