Creative Operations New York 2020

Making Creative Work Better


John Almond

Associate Consultant


John has spent a number of years working with some of the largest companies in the world including Unilever, Johnson& Johnson, Apple Computers and others, helping them to improve the quality of their marketing communications. His background is both advertising and marketing focused.

Whilst working directly with many global brand teams he also coaches marketing and agency people to be more far reaching and less risk adverse in their outlook towards all aspects of marketing communications.

In particular, John has helped many clients to write more inspiring marketing communication briefs as well as how to judge resultant outputs. In this respect he is also the author of two books. His latest in entitled, “Where have all the big ideas gone? The critical role of the creative brief in producing great work”. 

What others say

Opened my eyes to opportunities for improvement and really exposed blind spots…I feel confident I can get what I need from co-workers and senior teams to succeed in my role.

Brittany Harman

"Excellent opportunity to network and brainstorm with peers facing similar challenges in this space!"

Heidi Richert

This is an ideal opportunity to learn how others are tackling the operations in their company, be thought partners and share learnings.

Kelly Borghello
Capital One