Creative Operations Los Angeles 2022

Making Creative Work Better


Talent Flight: How to Optimize Superpowers and Crush Kryptonite so People Love Your Workplace

October 25, 12:25PM PDT

Are you, like most of your peers, tired of talking about ‘change management’? In the post-pandemic business world, managing change has turned into an unending daily grind. So, in this session, we’re going to talk about pain management - or Kryptonite - because the pain of process chaos, employment shortages and turnover is crushing almost everyone. We’ll aim to help you take stock of your situation and lead your team - and yourself - to a better work environment. Which is where everyone wants to be.

In this session, Wayne will show you how to:

  • Assess your Superpowers and Kryptonite personally - and organizationally
  • Build a roadmap for recruitment, retention and genuine workplace joy
  • Interact with your team in a more genuine, collaborative and high-performing way

What others say

HS Creative Operations events are not only insightful, but a great way to connect and network!

Alicia Jacolow
Saatchi & Saatchi

HS Creative Operations was a great chance to see people in person again, focus my attention on the presentations, and see how other agencies are tackling today's issues.

Dan Dove

It was so easy to connect with the presenters - having some one-on-one time with them where I could ask specific questions was incredible!

Scott San Martin