Creative Operations Los Angeles 2022

Making Creative Work Better


Prioritizing Visibility: Reimagination of Core Processes in Creative Collaboration

October 25, 10:15AM PDT

Prioritizing visibility of work amongst internal and external stakeholders alike is a crucial factor in keeping high-performing teams efficiently and effectively productive.

In this session, Cheryl Venable, Director of Creative Operations and Production at Sony Pictures Television Game Shows will review how core processes in creative workflows can be simplified – ways in which they can be broken down into their most basic and fundamental purposes and intentions – and shared across teams working both in-person and remotely. 

Often times, for creatives, goalposts are set in weird places – and are sometimes seemingly off the field completely. Join this session and learn tips and tricks to: 

  • Practically leverage visibility in your flow and integrate simplicity in core processes
  • Review methods to keep your goals both measurable and achievable so as to effect lasting change in your organization

What others say

HS Creative Operations events are not only insightful, but a great way to connect and network!

Alicia Jacolow
Saatchi & Saatchi

HS Creative Operations was a great chance to see people in person again, focus my attention on the presentations, and see how other agencies are tackling today's issues.

Dan Dove

It was so easy to connect with the presenters - having some one-on-one time with them where I could ask specific questions was incredible!

Scott San Martin