London Creative Summit 2024: Embracing ‘The Power of Change’ Four Chairs of the Four Events Reveal Key Takeaways

1 March, 16:40 PM GMT


We bring together the chairs of the four co-located events: Creative Operations, DesignOps, Photo Studio Operations, and Creative Production to delve into the profound impacts of change on the creative landscape.

This end-of-day gathering transcends the ordinary. The chairs share insightsstrategies and take-home messages that have impressed them most (and they are not easily impressed). 

  • Discover the trends reshaping the creative landscape
  • Hear about the breakthrough technologies that are propelling innovation
  • Learn what are the new and emerging challenges that confront modern creative output and how they can be overcome

This panel goes beyond assertion. It analyses, it evaluates, and it interacts with you (the most important participants in the session).

The panel covers all four events. Bring your burning questions, your opinions, and your expertise. 

Panel members will answer all questions and respond to all opinions. A dynamic exchange is planned – fast-moving, rapid-fire ‘popcorn’ style - but always rooted in ‘knowledge in practice’ and ‘on-the-job’ experience.

A great opportunity to engage with some of the leading practitioners in the industry and be part of the conversation that defines ‘The Power of Change’ in the world of creativity.

What others say

HS Creative Operations events provide me with the opportunity to sit in a room with like-minded people who understand each other’s daily challenges, sharing experiences and insights for the greater good of all Creative Operations.

Anna Waldeck-Evans
Creative Production and Operations Consultant

HS Creative Operations events provide a fantastic insight into the marketplace and the direction creative ops are going, would recommend and will be back next year.

Phillip Tasker
Imprint Group

I left the event feeling inspired and motivated, with a ton of practical takeaways that I could immediately apply to my own work. I would highly recommend this event to anyone in the creative industry looking to learn more about Creative Operations and improve their workflows.

Jody Latham
National Highways