Creative Operations London 2022

Making Creative Work Better


Peter Davies

Studios Director


Currently responsible for delivering a totally immersive fashion experience for our 20 something customers that makes them feel they are part of a universe that knows and cares for them, a view on product and fashion that each day is driven to inspire and engage. The daily challenge is to balance huge global demand for new content while keeping an elevated fashion forward approach. Output can be 1500 products a day and up-to 250,000 a year. Across 26 studios that are filled with the most amazing photographers, stylists, producers, re-touchers, and model bookers. It’s an inspiring role in a fast-paced department dedicated to a unique creative approach and operational excellence. 


What others say

HS Creative Operations events provide some really great insights and perspectives around what's working in today's ever changing world of creativity.

Barry McPhillips
Purple Agency

HS Creative Operations events gave me the chance to talk to people who are extremely passionate and experienced in their field and I was proud to be part of it for a day and learn from them.

Lisa Helle
Quarters Digital Services GmbH

HS Creative Operations events provide me with the opportunity to hear others are experiencing similar challenges and to share insights and thoughts.

Philippa Dunning