Creative Operations Europe 2021

Making Creative Work Better


TechLab: Photo Shoots - Three New Futures

11 March, 11:20 AM

It’s been a tough year for creative folks. How did we address the new reality of producing new content while everyone was having to work from home? The idea of a traditional photoshoot seemed to come to an end. Well, creatives did what we do best - we got creative and innovated leading to new and exciting ways to get the work done. Those innovations and new approaches can help lay the groundwork for a new future of content creation.

In this session we’ll take a more in-depth look at three of those approaches and their potential impact.

  1. The Archival Shoot - Instead of just always creating new, mine what has gone before to use it in new ways.
  2. The Virtual Shoot - recreate the physical experience with 3D models, add literal depth and texture. Create digital realities to produce the impossible.
  3. The Platform Shoot - Use technology to streamline and coordinate shoot logistics, sample, and talent management before the shoot. Automated addition of metadata and business logic after the shoot. Place your image assets at the centre of the digital supply chain.