Creative Operations Europe 2021

Making Creative Work Better


Nish Patel



Nish Patel is the host of CreativeOps.FM where he interviews creative operations leaders from around the world. Using their in-the-field experiences as a canvas of case studies to understand lessons learned and highlight best practices. He has been an active participating in the community for ten years and is the original host of the Creative Operations Podcast and the Creative Operations Summit. He brings twenty-five years of perspective and experience as a multiple time company founder, builder and advisor to the topics of people, process, technology, metrics & culture. Nish has worked, failed and succeeded in a wide range of industries from B2B SaaS to Data Analytics to B2C SaaS. When he is not talking about creative operations or building his latest venture you will find him engaged in an animated discussion with any dog within a 100 foot radius or eating a PB&J while watching the Food Network.