Workflow Analytics: How operational data can accelerate your creative team’s success

15 June, 10:45 AM BST

The phrase “data-driven decision making” pops up a lot in the digital industry, but for those of us coming from a creative background, it’s not always clear how this concept applies to us and our teams. We understand how performance marketing data is used to identify trends, test hypotheses and measure success, but could data do the same for creative project management?

Yes, it can!

In this talk we’ll explore what kinds of operational data can be leveraged to inform decisions about:

  • capacity planning
  • resource allocation
  • workflow process improvements

... and how this can help your Creative Operations team speak the same language as their stakeholders in Marketing, Product, and beyond. We’ll then take a practical look at the tools, processes, and metrics needed to support these analytics, and some first steps you can take to kickstart your team’s creative reporting. 


An Online Event

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The HS Creative Ops events are like a double shot of espresso at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, but the energy I get from it lasts all year! 

Michaele Cooper
Equinix Inc.

HS Creative Operations events are a great opportunity to meet professionals from different disciplines and industries with great insights and invaluable experiences to learn from and improve our own working environment. Very inspiring!

Marysol Garcia
El Corte Ingles

These events are helping to quickly solidify Creative Operations teams as a critical capacity in design-led organisations, big and small.

Andrew Enright
Cole Haan