Creative Operations Asia-Pacific 2022

Making Creative Work Better

First Sessions Announced

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In the meantime, check out the first 6 exciting sessions announced:


Super-Charging Visual Workflows in the New Reality of Content Production

The demand for content production has exploded, and alongside the increased demand, we’ve seen an increasingly high bar set for the quality of content that is being produced and delivered to audiences. In this session, we will look at the challenges studios/businesses are facing with regards to meeting these increasing demands for high quality visuals and content. We’ll unpack how content creators are leveraging technology to enable talent remotely, reassessing operational business models, and adapting to shrinking production budgets. All while super-charging their visual workflows to adapt to the new reality of content production.

Nina Walsh, Head of Visual Computing, Amazon Web Services

Making Complex Things Simple

How do we approach design operations systems that haven’t been built before? Developing a design operations system at scale is filled with ambiguity, team members need to adjust at speed knowing decisions multiply in impact as the system grows.

In this session we’ll examine how the team at Canva is keeping things simple to deliver a people first design culture and how constants are used to guide the decision making processes.

Jared Ben, Design Operations Lead, Canva

Customising Intake Process to Drive Efficiencies in Workflow

Are you working in a creative agency and finding it both difficult and time consuming to get the critical information you require from marketing? Is not getting this information upfront causing you to backtrack, waste time or scramble to find extra resources?

Join Christie Sinai, the Studio/Traffic Manager for Xero, as she takes you through Xero’s journey - how their creative agency focused on transforming their critical requirements into foundational building blocks to drive efficiency through their workflow. 

Christie will take you through their pain points and how they were able to leverage their platform functionality to bring to light what was, based on data, truly urgent. The pay-off was that it led to making more educated decisions on what should be prioritised.

This presentation will leave you with some key information and practice insights to deploy when looking at your own intake forms and workflow process.

Tools for Creating Better Creative Workflows

This presentation will contain handy tips for identifying roadblocks within creative teams, and then some tools that may be used to help remove them.

Rooted in management theories, common problem identification templates will be discussed, including:

  • PDCA
  • A3
  • The Decision Matrix 
  • The 5 Whys 

All will be explained in a way that best relates to common creative problems. Then we’ll discuss some tools that may be used to help solve the problems just discussed, including:

  • Ways to communicate efficiently
  • Project management tools
  • Communication tools
  • Other software solutions
  • Other non-software-based solutions

All the tools are selected with creative teams in mind - because the tools creative teams need are slightly different from those used in other industries.

This session will present useful ways to create better workflows – well tried approaches that can be applied by attendees in their own creative teams.

Jacinta Houzer, Creative Operations Manager, Seven West Media

Redefining Mobile Ad Experience to Drive Real Connection with Consumers

What do the very best mobile ad creatives look like? What kinds of results can they drive for in-app marketing campaigns?

Now for the answers:

The mobile advertising experts at InMobi review the role of creatives in mobile marketing. They take a deep dive into what works best, how and when. They describe how an ad creative, working in lockstep with other key components of ad campaigns, can drive results for mobile marketers. 

They discuss: 

  • Common traits of top ad creatives, including banners and video ads; with the details on why interactivity, branding and a strong call to action are key
  • Why targeted audiences should see customised mobile ad creatives
  • How top ad creatives can drive ideal ad performance around everything from branding to user acquisition, and what ideal conversion rates look like
  • Why creatives are a key component of ad spend budgets

Shantesh Gogi, Head of Creative Operations, InMobi

Photographer to Photo Studio to Boutique Content One Stop

In the 12 years since Central Studios was founded, the evolution of content in China has exploded across all media and social platforms.

Working across a range of commercial shoots, Rodney Evans quickly pivoted into operating Shanghai’s first major photo rental studio. What initially was a print studio ended up being a sound stage, broadcast studio and community hub.

With the backdrop of his experiences along this exciting journey in one of the most dynamic, fast moving markets, Rodney will share his insights and a snapshot of the current state of play of creative production in China.



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