Creative Operations Asia-Pacific 2022

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Rodney Evans

Founder and CEO

Central Studios

Drawn to photography from a young age, a career involving cameras was a natural progression that would inspire Rodney Evans to travel the world, eventually leading to China in 2005.

Rodney’s first experience in commercial photography was in New York and then developed his practice in Sydney until an opportunity to travel through Asia and visit China beckoned. Arriving at a time when the momentum of China’s growth was gathering pace, Rodney quickly picked up commercial and advertising clients and before long opened Central Studios, the first international photo rental studio in China. Setting a new benchmark for the burgeoning industry, Central Studios has evolved into a leading integrated content production studio, servicing local and international brands and agencies across all levels of commercial asset creation.

Having lived for over 15 years in China, a deep knowledge of the local production environment; Chinese language fluency has seen Rodney navigate an exciting and fast paced industry. A key part of the Shanghai creative community, Central Studios also regularly hosts community events and gatherings.

Rodney spends more time now managing the growing business and Executive Producing for films at Central Studios, as the business grows and adapts to deliver the varied content needs of clients.


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