Christie Sinai

Studio/Traffic Manager


Christie Sinai is an experienced Studio/Traffic Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the design, print and web industries.

She has worked in most roles within a studio (design, sales & production). Christie’s ‘secret sauce’ is a blend of hands-on experience, love for simplified processes and a gift for getting the very best out of her people. It was these skills that led to her being approached to run a range of studios early in her career.

Her most recent move has been to cloud-based accounting platform Xero, where a rapid, ambitious and results focused pace is required. Commencing her Xero journey in the Marketing Operations department gave Christie an in-depth picture of Xero’s different departments, processes and the platform that brings them all together. Her current role is working in Xero’s internal creative agency (the Hub) as the Studio/Traffic Manager focusing heavily on AU and NZ. Her primary goal is to protect the quality of the creative process, production, and delivery, whilst making sure the design team executes high quality solutions smoothly and efficiently. 

Resource management is a substantial part of this role so making sure she has the right people working on the right projects at all times is non-negotiable. With a creative flair and an analytical approach to business she ensures that her life values are aligned to all her communication and projects for her stakeholders and team.

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