Digital Asset Management is not a project that you complete and move on to something else. Rather, DAM is a journey where the enterprise evolves its capabilities over time. Without a plan this journey can be long and meandering. The most successful enterprises have a roadmap based on firm foundations that provides business value for both today and an unpredictable future.

Enterprises are at different phases in their Digital Asset Management journeys. Some are implementing DAM for the first time, others are working to incorporate DAM into a larger technology ecosystem, and still others are using DAM to power their entire content supply chain. In this series, we’ll describe the phases in an enterprise’s DAM journey and discuss strategies for getting the enterprise successfully to the next phase. We’ll discuss ways to convince management that a) this is a journey, not a project and b) help you determine what you need to be successful: in terms of the right technology and the right softer skills.

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Session 1: Establishing Firm Foundations

Session 2: Integrating DAM into the Enterprise's Flow of Work

Session 3: Powering Omnichannel Experiences