Advanced Concepts in DAM: The Technology & Enterprise Touchpoints In-Depth

Wednesday May 10, 9.00 am – 12.00 noon

DAM is no longer a silo, it’s part of a broader content or marketing hub of varied application. This tutorial is for those who want to take their knowledge of DAM to a more expert level. You may have a few years of experience with a DAM technology, or you’re looking to understand how DAM fits into the bigger picture.

We’ll focus on the broader marketing technology ecosystem, going into the features and functions of the more complex “enterprise” grade DAM systems and how they differ. We’ll also look at how DAM fits into a marketing practitioner’s day-to-day tasks as you manage ongoing email, web, mobile, social media, and still even print marketing campaigns. How does DAM integrate and feed into these downstream systems? What systems do DAMs typically pull data from, and how, in order to be effective?

Each of the touchpoints for digital assets used to consist of a particular technology that was purchased and implemented separately. Now, there are suites of tools that include DAM that can manage all of these processes. In this workshop, you'll get a deeper dive into the industry’s most feature-rich DAM systems, as well as the gamut of technologies for solving the broader digital marketing & content publishing puzzle.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Enterprise DAM technologies: what are the advanced features on offer that the simpler systems don't have? We'll discuss media management, rights management, image recognition, and other advanced features in-depth
  • Digital marketing technology: what are the tools, and what do they really do?
  • Knowing fully what you shouldn't expect your DAM to do - and what adjacent or supplemental technologies you may need, or use differently

Tutorial Leaders

Theresa Regli is a 22-year veteran of the information technology industry, with a particular focus on DAM for the last eight years. A former journalist, web developer, taxonomist, and director of content management at a systems integration firm, she has worked equally with technologists, marketers, and content creators for 20+ years. For the past decade, she served as the leading digital asset management market analyst, evaluating over 50 vendors as part of her research practice with The Real Story Group. She is also the author of the definitive book on managing media and digital marketing assets, Digital & Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story of DAM Technology & Practice, published by Rosenfeld Media in 2016.

Most recently, Theresa has joined the executive team of KlarisIP as Chief Strategy Officer, where she will advise clients on all aspects of digital transformation and optimization. Theresa has advised over 20% of the Fortune 500, as well as a broad breadth of cultural & heritage institutions. Her clients have included Unilever, Coca-Cola, Ubisoft, IKEA, General Mills, The British Museum, Christie's, and Nestlé. 

Edward Klaris is a senior executive and attorney in the media business with more than 20 years of experience. As part of the senior leadership team at Condé Nast, he focused on commercializing the company’s intellectual property assets, including articles, photographs, videos, blogs and trademarks. He developed new consumer products, instituted corporate IP policy and standards, and focused on long term strategic planning and operations. Considered a leader in the field, Mr. Klaris has worked on a wide range of the most complex intellectual property matters. He also led digital asset management for the entire portfolio of Conde Nast brands. Mr. Klaris is an adjunct professor of law at Columbia Law School, Chairman of the Board of Pilobolus, and on the Communications Committee of Human Rights Watch.



"This tutorial opended my eyes to a new technology market I was previously unaware of and helped me to understand the maturity level of this new market"
Krisitina Herz, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

"This was a very good overview of what you coud expect from Digital Marketing Tools / Technologies"
Eric Pieters, Amplexor NV

"Good Introduction to Digital Marketing Technologies for beginners"
Vanessa Brown,  Marks and Spencer




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