TechLab: Day One - Thursday May 11

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
The Anatomy of a Succesful (Creative Operations) Tech Rollout at Hasbro

This interactive case study presentation will highlight how Hasbro's in-house video studio was able to successfully implement, adopt and embrace the use of a technology that is now at the heart of its creative production process. You'll hear a story filled with the starts, stops and frustrations that are common to most technology rollouts. And how together the users, IT and the vendor collaborated together to leap past those hurdles to achieve success. Where success is measured by end user adoption, end user satisfaction and improvements to workflow and productivity. 

  • How success starts with a whiteboard, beer and chicken wings
  • How The User, IT and The Vendor each plays a critical role 
  • How Change Management is so complex and yet so simple 

Mark Brightman, Director Digital Technology, Hasbro
Mary Catherine Palumbos, Director of Post Product & Operations, Hasbro 
Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare 

9.40 - 10.10am
Accelerate Creative Operations: Capturing Assets and Metadata Upstream

Large-scale creative operations must effectively manage incoming content from multiple sources, teams, and partners. To do this right, brands are leveraging technology: Platforms that are flexible enough to provide multiple options for ingest, yet powerful enough to enforce an organization’s delivery requirements, often in the form of metadata enrichment/validation or file name convention rules. In this session, Sandie Roberts, VP of Content & Technology Operations at Rodale, will discuss how she uses technology to streamline ingestion and optimize content for downstream delivery and usage.

Sandie Roberts, VP of Content & Technology Operations, Rodale
David Iscove, Creative Operations Specialist, globaledit

10.10 - 10.40am
How DAM Helps Brands & Retailers to Improve Omnichannel Engagement

DAM is now a critical component of the digital experience technology architecture supporting valuable customer-facing content. It enables the creation, management, and retention of content via workflow, repository, and archiving capabilities. ES as an Enterprise DAM solution manages all customer-facing content, including print, television, digital ads, mobile, and web to deliver content to WCM.

Graham Blanks, Director Business Operations North America, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH
Frédéric Sanuy, Pre-Sales Solutions and DAM Manager, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH


10.50 - 11.20am
Is Your Brand Funding Terrorism?

Earlier this year Mercedes, Hyundai, Budweiser (and others) realized their ads were being shown alongside pro-ISIS videos on YouTube. These ads, in addition to their disastrous placement, were indirectly funding terrorism, as the channels’ owners get paid a portion of all ad revenue.

We’re seeing more stories like this, most stemming from poor programmatic placement, localization errors or unfortunate usage rights violations. 

The question is, as brands create more content to reach new channels, platforms and geographies, how can they monitor and control this content once it’s out in the world?

Ian Wheal explains how brands can create an ‘Advertising Chain of Custody’ that preserves quality, creates transparency and prevents compromising brand moments, beyond the DAM.

Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director, Adstream


11.20 - 11.50am
OpenText Solutions for Web2Print & Collateral Creation

Learn about OpenText Media Management integration for a comprehensive marketing collateral creation platform and Web2Print using Mediawide Asset Builder. This solution provides custom InDesign templates to adapt marketing content for print or digital. We’ll show how you can localize and personalize content, for fast turnaround, and maintain brand standards. Your team can create print-ready flyers, brochures, coupons, etc. as well as localized web assets and even digital signage. 

Michael Snow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OpenText
Glenn Bailey, VP Technology, Mediawide

11.50 - 12.20pm
Creating Order out of Chaos

What good is Digital Asset Management if your users cannot find the right content? FotoWare shows you the tools available in their suite to organize assets and make them discoverable for users. Can a wildly chaotic collection of assets be neatly organized in the 30 minutes the speaker has available?

Christopher Frenning, CEO, FotoWare

12.20 - 12.50pm
Working with Visual Assets - duplicate detection, image tagging and visual search

The volume and variety of visual assets being produced and used continues to grow. Searching and finding these assets gets more difficult and can be very cumbersome. Furthermore, duplicate assets put the DAM benefits in question. 

In this TechTalk, we’ll show solutions to solve these growing problems. Join us to learn how to prevent adding duplicate assets to your DAM and discover an alternative way to tag your images. 

Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Barthel, Chief Vision Officer, pixolution

1.15 - 1.45pm 
Machine Learning in DAM

From its origins over half a century ago machine learning has been applied to a variety of complex business situations. Rapidly increasing volume and variety of DAM content necessitate more intelligent solutions that can provide insights and aid decision making. Machine learning can help organizations address complex problems ranging from metadata enrichment in existing systems to asset migration from legacy systems.

In this session we will discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities in using machine learning with typical data sets managed by DAM systems.

Rachit Awasthi, Associate Director, Platform Management, assetSERV

1.50 - 2.20pm
The Future of DAM

You've heard the buzz in the hall, you've seen our big X in the expo hall... Now learn how to end silos, accelerate performance, leverage cloud innovation, and avoid getting stuck with customizations you can't update or legacy technology that slows you down.

See how Nuxeo is changing the game in DAM.

Uri Kogan, Vice President, Product Marketing, Nuxeo
Neil Grant, Solution Architect, Nuxeo

2.20 - 2.50pm
Driving Positive Brand Experiences Across the Customer Journey: From Digital to Physical Channels 

Today's customers will be only too happy to favor brands that consistently deliver excellent customer experiences throughout their customer journey. Brands that are able to execute these rich omnichannel experiences will enjoy a competitive advantage. To do so, however, brands must embrace technologies aimed at helping them streamline complicated creation, approvals, and deployment processes across multiple teams via search, publishing and repurposing solutions. 

MediaBeacon commissioned an Independent Research Firm to evaluate the current status of omnichannel content capabilities, DAM and Workflow adoption of over 150 Brands across the world...these are the results. 

Tracy Askam, Global Director of Strategic Accounts, MediaBeacon
Chris Janczar, Solutions Architect, MediaBeacon

2.50 - 3.20pm
DAMSec and Asset Tracking: A Better Game Plan

Marketers spend a boatload of money on photos, videos, and graphics, but too often; this content is misused, pirated or mothballed, leaving content producers empty-handed. Stop leaving money on the table and find out how to secure and track your digital assets with Jake Athey, Director of Marketing at Widen, and Mike Sturm, Communications & Relationship Manager at Digimarc.

In this TechLab Session, Jake and Mike will outline a three-point strategy for DAMsec and tracking:

  • DAMSec 101: Make your assets safe, searchable, well-managed, and backed up
  • On Guard: See who uses your assets and how with DAM analytics.
  • Legal Leverage: Communicate ownership rights, track distribution, and prevent infringement    

Jake and Mike will show what this strategy looks like in real life using a case study from a consumer robotics company. If you’re tired of wasting assets – or never want to see how fun copyright lawsuits are – this session is for you.

Mike Sturm: Digimarc, Communications & Relationship Manager
Jake Athey: Widen, Director of Marketing


3.50 - 4.20pm
How to Scale High Quality, High Volume, High Velocity, E-commerce and Social Media Photo Production

As the visual content needs from brands and retailers get more sophisticated with the development of e-commerce and social media, this session will address the fundamentals and some cutting-edge practices to create and scale high productivity, high quality and aspirational e-commerce and social media photography. This session is geared towards a Marketing, Digital/E-commerce, Creative Services and Photo Production audience.

Gilles Rousseau, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Splashlight


TechLab: Day Two - Friday May 12

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
DAM Justification and Implementation Pitfalls - Conducting current state and gap analysis to justify funding and leverage a data-driven evaluation of solutions based on the findings

This session is for people that are looking for help and advice on how to get their DAM funding and having a DAM success.  We'll be covering a variety of topics, such as:

  • Understanding your users' and what makes them tick
  • Leveraging a data-driven evaluation of solutions to get the best tool for users' needs
  • Designing for now versus the future 
  • Building a user experience both inside and outside the system
  • Preparing users for the changes

Dave Liu, Principal, OnPrem

10.50 - 11.20pm
Face Training – Your Library, Your Faces and Training the Machine

Humans are wired to identify and remember human faces, automatically and instantly. Computers are not, but they are getting closer. In this session, John Motz will take a closer look at the future of machine learning and how it’s enabling companies to automate manual workflows and become more efficient and productive. Join us to learn how training the machine is easier than you may think and how machine learning is leading the way to an exponential increase in efficiency.

  • Understand how machine learning is leveraged to recognize faces
  • Train the computer model to recognize unknown faces in no time
  • Create efficient workflows to increase productivity

John Motz, Chief Technology Officer, GrayMeta

1.15 - 1.45pm
Flexible Enterprise Cloud Integration in the Hypermedia World

The world of enterprise architecture is rapidly changing. In order to fully leverage opportunities that include cloud providers and 3rd parties as well as to respond to the ever accelerating pulse of the business, this new paradigm and toolset for enterprise integrations opens up a more lean and agile route.

In this session, Tom De Ridder, co-founder and CTO at Stylelabs, will share his forward thinking vision on how to leverage this technology as a key element in your digital transformation.

Tom De Ridder, Co-founder and CTO, Stylelabs

1.50 - 2.20pm
The Future of DAM

DAMs are a great tool to centralize operations and bring order to the chaos of digital assets across complex organizations. Unfortunately, too many companies still accept DAM as a static parking lot instead of an intelligent engine to deliver customer experiences. The DAM of the future will do much more, from automating manual tagging to delivering engaging, conversion-driving digital experiences. 

Join us for this session to see the latest innovations in Adobe Experience Manager Assets as we continue our investment in the future of DAM. In this session, we’ll cover how your DAM can:

  • Provide high velocity content creation and sourcing capabilities
  • Dynamically deliver engaging, device-optimized rich media and video experiences
  • Leverage machine learning and pixel recognition to automatically apply metadata tags upon ingestion

Josh Ramirez
, Head of Product, AEM Assets, Adobe 


2.20 - 2.50pm
Centralized Control over Scattered Marketing Efforts - online branded templates to the rescue
Select a scalable partner that enables you to fetch, push, sync and/or monitor brand efforts by:
  • Making it easy to create new collateral without the need for in-depth graphical knowledge
  • Enforcing brand guidelines while letting users input custom content
  • Enabling a 3D visualization of the end result for direct assessment

CHILI publish will present real live best practices of existing DAM integrations, showcasing various degrees of integration and customer ROI.

Kevin Goemminne, CEO, CHILI Publish



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