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  • Fundamentals of DAM: The Technology In-Depth
  • DAM Leadership - Achieving Growth & Establishing Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Metadata for DAM Professionals
  • Advanced Metadata Practices for DAM

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Technology Track

8:00 am


Breakfast Sponsored by:


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An integrated approach to managing multi-channel content

"Here, there, everywhere” might be a quick way to describe the challenging reality in today's multi-channel publishing world. Whether you're from traditional publishing, corporate creative or agency your strategic and operational goals for content delivery have changed dramatically. Join publishing veteran Shawn Duffy, Managing Director of WoodWing Americas, for insights on meeting your objectives by refining the publishing process of tracking content and workflow. Shawn details how the multi-channel publishing challenge is met using an enhanced collaborative approach across multifaceted teams supported by more efficient processes, up-to-date tools, and deep data.


9:00 am

Welcome Address

Conference Chair:
David Lipsey, Henry Stewart DAM Conference Chair


9:10 am

Keynote Panel: DAM and its Future for Broadcast, Media and Entertainment: An 'eye' to the enterprise" executive roundtable: common knowledge and uncommon community - the DAM gathering for industry professionals

Audiences, users and – well, everyone - want it all, they want it now and they don’t want to be tied down to a fixed location or be limited by the devices in their immediate environment. Is this fair and is it possible? It is real – that’s for sure. Defining ‘the source’ is no longer considered a critical element in the search for solutions that satisfy the consumers wants. Whether you are a publisher, studio, network, agency, brand  or archive you must be agile - in this environment it’s the most agile organizations that will thrive and grow. Whether your content is driven by social media, episodes and story telling or is archive-based, and whether or not it is spread across multiple locations, the issues are similar and there is common knowledge that drives the identification of solutions.

The DAM community has spent a decade managing rapidly evolving content;  we have seen the benefits and we have suffered from the gaps in what could be done. We have learned that no matter what is the scenario or the intended outcome there is common knowledge that can be deployed. We can meet both the challenges of today’s markets and prosper in the environment of the new economies.  
History cannot predict the future - but it can be a valuable counselor, identifying routes that avoid pitfalls and perhaps even suggesting a shortcut or two. Join us as we:
Explore multiple opinions on how best to use what we already know to address the problems currently being encountered. 
Hear from organizations that manage many hundreds of thousands of assets, pages, hours, images, and tweets on a daily basis. 
Discuss solutions to distributing everywhere. How can different groups utilize the same content on multiple platforms simultaneously? How are they thinking about  issues such as ‘transcoding’, ‘in the cloud’, ‘distribution anywhere’, ‘universal assets’, ‘thin apps versus thick apps’, ‘metadata, metadata, metadata’, ‘Search-as-a-Service’, ‘social networking’, and more?
The panelists welcome your questions in this highly interactive session, and are eager to hear about your own digital conundrums.

Richard Buchanan, VP Engineering, Operations and Support, Comcast Wholesale
Monica Jonas, Senior Vice President of Business Operations, Viacom
Ellen Payne, Vice President, Editorial Operations, Hearst Magazines
Madi Weland Solomon, Consultant


10:00 am

Telling your Brand Story: DAM's Evolution in 2013

DAM is now about so much more than the management of digital assets. In 2013, DAM is about creating a trans-media experience for your customers, and telling an effective brand story that incents people to engage with your media, information or products. Our asset management systems are more richly populated than they've ever been: with images, video, marketing collateral, and metadata. As DAM industry professionals, we have never been better positioned to captivate and spur into action the tastemakers and influencers we target every day. In this session, we'll look at the current and future state of the DAM industry, and how the technology and practice of DAM in 2013 positions us to take our marketing, media and entertainment practices to the next level.

Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Analyst, Author and Consultant


10:30 am

The Impact of New Meaning Based Computing on Understanding Rich Content – Why Does This Change How We Interact with Our Customers?

Session synopsis: Recent advances now enable computers to extract meaning from images, video and audio content. This meaning based computing rewrites the rules of production of content and understanding of audience and customer reactions. Automation opens up new business models and efficient implementation of user generated content (UGC), social media, social television as well as new media types such as multichannel augmented reality. This revolution in technology brings that information to life and helps marketers, publishers, producers and broadcasters of rich content, including video and audio, to derive maximum value from the content and the interaction with the audience.

Jeff Cornelius, Ph.D., District Sales Manager, HP Autonomy


11:00 am



11:10 am

5 Reasons Why Your DAM Needs to Change

The digital landscape is changing. Today, the challenge is no longer about just managing digital assets, but about unleashing the full capability of rich media assets across multiple internal stakeholders and to a myriad of marketing channels. Join North Plains for a discussion on “5 Reasons Why Your DAM Needs to Change”.  We will discuss:

  • The evolution of digital assets into rich media assets
  • Technical implications for managing this new breed of assets 
  • How to choose the right partner to make this transition

Tim Padilla, Director Customer Success, North Plains Systems
Stephanie Levin, Senior Functional Consultant, Customer Success, North Plains Systems

11:40 am

You're All in the Premium Content Business - Extracting Value From Your Digital Supply Chain

Television and film studios have long known that content is king - and the ability to track concepts, ideas and stories, plus all their media elements through production, post-production and distribution is a core competency. Now, nearly every company and non-profit institution, regardless of industry, is in the premium content business. This session will examine how companies can implement and extract value from a robust digital supply chain using digital asset management, workflow systems and cloud-based platforms.

Felix Cisneros, Area Director, Relationship Mgmt - Enterprise Media, Broadcasting & Technology, AMC Networks Inc.


How to Select a DAM and MAM System: Best Practices, Pitfalls to Avoid

In the market for a DAM or MAM system?  Thinking about divorcing your current vendor? Looking for a better way to manage your brand, photo or video assets and wondering if there’s an online dating site that will allow you to use the perfect algorithm - matching your needs to the best possible solution? This session is for you.

Rather than select a new technology based on a ratings spreadsheet or who your boss plays golf with, we’ll look at a better path towards selecting DAM/MAM technology. You’ll learn about the most important criteria when creating a short list, what should really be in that RFP, and how to plan a vendor demo that’s useful to you. We’ll talk about main differentiators between the two distinct segments of the market -- Brand & Digital Asset Management, and Broadcast & Media Asset Management -- to help guide you through the selection process: whether you’re looking for a photo library or a broadcast management system.
Led by Theresa Regli, Principal DAM Analyst & Advisor, Real Story Group, a buyer-focused, vendor independent research consultancy, this session will deal the straight dope on pitfalls to avoid and solid paths to follow.

Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Analyst, Author and Consultant


Future Proofing your DAM

Enterprise and departmental Digital Asset Management systems are like other IT infrastructure applications. They get implemented, users are trained and the t-shirts are handed out to the team. You're not done yet - now is not the time to kick back because organizations are changing, evolving and adapting faster than you think. This session will take a deep dive into many of the issues we call the "DAM killers" - those issues that potentially undermine adoption and success. Based on real-world experience managing large DAM implementations (and the scars to prove it) we'll show you ways to be the agent of change in your organization, position the DAM as a disruptive technology benefitting your organization and users, and preventing all your hard work and effort from becoming shelf-ware and another legacy application. 

We will discuss strategies to address organizational issues including facilitating sponsors, evangelists, governance, partnerships, stakeholders, managing expectations, support strategies, training, surviving DAM upgrades and other tectonic organizational shifts (C-level changes). On the technology front we will look at architecture, integration points, metadata flexibility, more on surviving an upgrade and the putting-your-mouth-on-the-firehouse effect (your company gets acquired or is acquiring someone else).

John Florance, Principal, Florance & Associates
Arsalan Siddiqui
, Digital Media Consultant/CEO, AiSiD Consulting LLC


12:10 pm

Should you Set your Valuable Assets Free? Easier Said than Done; How to retag and enhance digital assets so they can roam the viral web and drive merchandising, marketing and other commercial opportunities.

In the early days of DAM the initial goals were relatively simple to say - put all your digital ssets in one place so people can find and reuse them - but it turned out it was easier said than done. As DAM capabilities matured and the value of digital asset repositories has been borne out organizations began moving up the DAM maturity curve to capture metadata and asset storage as an integrated part of content workflows. Then suddenly tagging and storing seemed easy compared to enabling seamless workflows that also facilitated digital asset management. But the true promise of DAM both then and now was too unleash the value of content at the point of consumption – valuable content anywhere, anytime on any device or platform. With the advent of social media and mobile content and commerce it is more important than ever to connect content to consumers where and when they need it. Digital assets that were once specified and tagged in advance now need to be reformulated, enhanced with new tags so they can roam the viral web to drive new merchandising, marketing and commerce opportunities in an increasingly mobile world.
How can organizations make it easier to re-tag and reformulate assets so their real value can be achieved outside the DAM repository and associated workflows? This session reviews the challenges faced across all industries as content is required to be smarter, more discoverable and more relevant to new value propositions closer to the point of consumption.

David Lipsey, Henry Stewart DAM Conference Chair
Brian Cross, Director, Digital Asset Management, Conde Nast
Michael McGinniss, Senior Manager, Accenture
Lacy Schutz, Director of Collections, Museum of the City of New York


Getting Started with Video

As video continues to proliferate, many wonder how to get started with managing it properly. While not every organization can budget for a corporate video production and management studio, there are some consumer-oriented and commercial, off-the-shelf technologies that can be appropriate for smaller video libraries. If you're looking to produce and manage some video as time goes on, or if you already have a growing library of short-form video and are looking for ways to potentially manage it, this is the session for you. After an overview of corporate (non-broadcaster) oriented video technology options, we'll host a panel of video management experts who will discuss this challenge. Come with your questions.

Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Analyst, Author and Consultant
Nathanial Taylor, Content Manager, Hasbro
Romney Whitehead, Digital Content Specialist and DAM Consultant

12:50 pm


Sponsored by:


1:10 pm

Adobe Experience Manager: Seven secrets to making the most of your digital assets

Is your digital asset management house in order? Many organizations are swimming in troves of images, photos, videos, and banners. Hear from Adobe’s global marketing team about strategies for managing your organization’s digital assets. Join this open discussion on best practices for designing workflows, folder structures, metadata, and taxonomies that ensure DAM success. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Best practices on taxonomy, metadata, and tags design 
  • User adoption strategies for digital asset management 
  • Designing optimal workflows for digital assets 

Lukas Ryf, Adobe Senior Manager, Adobe 

1:40 pm

1:50 pm

Driving Innovation with a Global Enterprise DAM

  • Enabling distributed locations through planned flexibility
  • Staying flexible without losing control
  • Growing a solution in steps
  • Make the web work for you through standards
  • Workflow, Syndication, Dynamic Schemas, Dynamic Interfaces, Localization and other technologies that must be part of your solution and how to plan for them.
  • MDM - Centralizing Intellegiance for Distribution for All Channels that support Brand/Corporate Goals

Jason Bright, President & CTO, MediaBeacon, Inc.


2:20 pm

Spotlight: Launching the Global DAM: McDonald's Corporation

McDonald's Corporation is one of the world's top brands and as a result, has millions of digital assets. Managing the library of food photography, digital menu boards, commercials, and thousands of other categories  represents a significant challenge. How does one start such an audacious project and what was needed to ensure its ultimate success?  In this session we'll learn about McDonald's Global DAM System "Burgey", how it was "sold" internally, the process for selecting a vendor, how it launched, and how it's being used today throughout the world.

Dan McGraw, Consultant
Christina Aguilera, Studio Technology | Asset Management, Walt Disney Studios
Jeff Boarini, Director, Media Production | Creative Services | Global System Communications, McDonald's Corporation


Stay Nimble. Stay true to your goals while finding your way through a DAM implementation

American Express Publishing's DAM team began the implementation of a new system with some critical goals in mind.  As the rollout began to impact workflows, it became apparent that plans for the system had to be adjusted on the fly.   The team was compelled to reconsider some of the core methodologies planned for using the DAM, while staying on track with meeting enterprise goals and maintaining the engagement, and good faith, of users.  This presentation will cover the strategies employed to steer the implementation to success, and how choosing the right system played a critical role in facilitating that accomplishment.

Chad Beer, Manager, Optimity Advisors
Holly Boerner, Senior Manager, Optimity Advisors


2:50 pm

Spotlight on Rights

Join our conference chair, David Lipsey, as he interviews the  panelists about their experiences and successes in integrating rights management into their  content management and distribution systems. They will explore changes in the digital media supply chain and highlight issues around systematic rights and production information management. There will also be discussion about which tools and approaches worked well for capturing and exploiting structured rights and production information and show how such data tracking can add increased value within a fragmented distribution environment. 

David Lipsey, Henry Stewart DAM Conference Chair
Maryanne DeCandia, Manager of Rights and Clearances, CNBC
Greg Fioravanti, Vice President, Business Affairs, Discovery Communications
Douglas McCarthy, Rights & Images Manager , Royal Museums Greenwich


Is your Digital Asset Management Strategy ready for Multichannel Marketing?

Rich media is a critical element of any marketing campaign. From images to videos, digital assets play a central role in building brand and accelerating customer engagement with delightful experiences.  Multichannel marketing is also forcing marketers to rethink their strategy and execute content-heavy marketing campaigns.   Discover how marketers at companies such as General Motors and Travelocity are taking new approaches to creating, managing, and delivering digital assets for dynamic multichannel experiences. 

Learn how to: 

  • Accelerate collaboration among creative professionals and content managers 
  • Transform your organization to get the best ROI out of your digital assets 
  • Develop strategies to organize your team to produce and use valuable digital assets

Loni Kao Stark, Director of Product & Industry Marketing, Digital Marketing, Adobe Systems Incorporated


3:20 pm

Marketers and Work in Progress (WIP) - Challenges and Opportunities

Today's marketer has access to an infinite supply of data on customer demographics, customer actions and campaign performance. Data has created an opportunity for marketers to more narrowly define and target customers and campaigns. Marketers taking advantage of this opportunity are launching more campaigns and creating more campaign assets. 

Smart marketers realize that their ability to produce more campaign assets is tied to the efficiency of their Work In Progress (WIP) process. An efficient process allows them to produce a growing number of campaign assets required to take advantage of the opportunity created by data. 

During this session you will hear from some of the fastest growing companies measured by revenue and campaign production. You will learn:

  • What triggered the identification of their WIP problem?
  • What was the impact of their WIP problem? 
  • What changes did they make to their processes to solve their WIP problem?
  • What technologies did they modify, adapt or discard to support new processes? 
  • What improvements have they seen to their WIP process? 
  • What role has DAM played in improving their WIP process? 

Tim Vasilovic, Manager, Digital Asset & Photo Library, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Nicole Phillips, Global Marketing Project Leader, Whole Foods Market
Megan Re, Director of Photography, Food Network


Chrysler Group’s Visual Asset Measurement Tools – Finding the DAM Road to Success

Tom Haynes, Department Manager Visual Asset Management at Chrysler Group LLC, offers the DAM community insights and lessons learned in the challenging area of measurement.  
While there is a multitude of measures one can apply to the performance of the DAM system and its corporate department, of particular interest are the measures related to asset reuse and resulting savings.  Tom describes the benefits and shortfalls of simple reuse measures and goes on to examine more in-depth methods, including customer surveys of actual asset reuse. 
This presentation reviews the issues of seasonality, scope, cleansing the response pool, tabulating results, as well as the discovery of unanticipated surprises.  Tom discusses methods for calibrating the cost of creating an asset for the differing channels of reuse. He also suggests how to recognize the telltale signs of when an investigation becomes an audit and how to address this situation while obtaining additional benefits. The results of a recent study by Chrysler are presented.

Thomas E. Haynes, Manager Global Catalogs and iPad® Applications, Chrysler Group LLC


3:50 pm



4:00 pm

Accelerating Marketing and Creative Workflow to Feed DAM & CMS

The Marketing and Creative Teams are the source of your organization’s most valuable content. But their production process is often a patchwork of disconnected software tools producing multiple file versions that are attached to emails for review and approval; or printed and marked up in meetings that no one has time to attend. In this fast-paced world the creative workflow must change with the times and keep pace with the demands of omni-channel marketing, as well as embrace new content types including video and interactive. This session will focus on implementing a Project Management driven workflow with integrated planning, automation, collaboration and approval tools that will free Marketing and Creative staff from chasing data and files, increase efficiency and enable focus on the creative work they do best.

Eric Fulmer, Director of New Business Development, Kreate Technology


4:30 pm

DAM Maturity Model: Measuring Our Progress - New tools to help you get the most out of DAM

Last year at DAM NY the DAM Foundation released its second version of the Digital Asset Management Maturity Model.  Since then it has been downloaded by over 500 community members. 

In this session we present two illustrative case studies on how the ‘Maturity Model’ was put to use and the benefits of doing so. We discuss:

  • Best practices in ‘Maturity Model’ use
  • How to accelerate success in DAM utilization

We are now preparing ‘Version 3” due for release in summer 2013. Plan to let the panel hear your observations and suggestions.

A session for DAM industry professionals: an opportunity to contribute to the development of this advanced tool for staff development and enterprise growth.

John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors
Vida Morkunas, Consultant Manager, Consolidated Data Asset Repository, BC Hydro

4:40 pm

Roundtables - The Next Generation

This session offers valuable peer-to-peer exchange on issues that are integral to your business and which cut across industries.  Share your rich hands-on experience in a highly interactive discussion with your DAM community peers - they will understand your challenges, share your pain points and celebrate your success stories.  The aim is to deepen knowledge, improve business practices and enhance the attendee experience. Facilitators will focus on the issues that matter most to the group to help you take away valuable information which you can put into practice immediately in your organization. 

Facilitators include:
Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Rich Carroll, Technical Consultant, IO Integration, Inc.
Mark Davey, President, DAM Foundation, CEO, IQequity Ltd, Consulting Analyst, Real Story Group
Lauren Dohr, Senior Process Manager, Viacom
Carin Forman, Director, Digital Photo Services, Home Box Office, Inc.
John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors
Dan McGraw, Consultant
Carol Thomas-Knipes, Director, Digital Asset Management, LogicSource| OneMarket


5:30 pm

Drinks Reception

Sponsored by:


6:30 pm

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