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Disaster Recovery and Digital Asset Management: Planning, Valuing, Insuring, Recovering – and more!


Planning for the worst is an investment in prudence, the wisdom of which is often difficult to appreciate until disaster strikes. 

With recovery frequently difficult, and sometimes impossible, it’s becoming more critical that we build in safety net measures to catch and protect our content before it’s too late.  

As metadata and digital asset worth are becoming more recognized we need to explore how DAM can play a central role in prevention, preservation and protection

The webinar panellists are leaders in helping to plan for the best possible outcome if the worst should happen.  They will share their experiences on the many ways in which DAM played a role in their disaster recovery process. You can learn why an ounce of prevention can save pounds of time, money and energy.  

The panel will present both ‘lessons learned’ and a checklist of key questions to ask on topics ranging from “Does my cyber-attack insurance cover the cost of metadata recovery?” to “What would it cost if the DAM was not functioning?”  

Bring your best questions to this digital roundtable!




  • Andrea Kalas, President of AMIA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Natalie Morath, Corporate Archivist, Allied Vaughn, Detroit, MI
  • Lauren Espiritu-Philson, Director of Digital Systems and Strategy at BFA, New York City
  • Amy Rudersdorf, Senior Consultant, AV Preserve, New York City
  • Moderated by David H. Lipsey, Chair, The Henry Stewart Conferences on The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media, McLean, VA

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Allied Vaughn provides professional services to support our client DAM operations. Some of our largest clients include GM, Ford, Chrysler, McKesson, Warner Brothers, MGM and FOX. We develop strategic partnerships that help our clients consolidate, digitize, organize, archive, manage and distribute rich media in electronic and physical formats. This effort is also supported using our unique Media-On-Demand (MOD) fulfilment service model.