Ian McNemar
Manager, Systems and Technology (Creative)
Clif Bar & Company

Ian McNemar has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area digital asset management space for about 10 years. He’s currently the Manager of Systems and Technology for Creative at Clif Bar & Company. Day-to-day, he focuses on crafting the Clif DAM roadmap, process discovery, training users, change management, and iteratively rolling out DAM to the enterprise. In addition to DAM, Ian’s team owns creative project management, and eCommerce asset distribution tools. In the past, he has worked across many industries including consumer electronics, entertainment, fashion, eCommerce, hospitality, and wellness for companies like Airbnb, GoPro, and Shutterfly. He's supported numerous DAM uses cases for creative operations, marketing, content licensing, user generated content, and rights management on many different DAM and project management systems. When not immersed in assets, you can probably find him in the woodshop or chasing his small child.