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Registration & Breakfast - Exhibition Opens

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Breakfast Briefing: The Anatomy of a Successful (Creative Operations) Tech Rollout at Hasbro

Please join us at 8.00am.

This interactive case study presentation will highlight how Hasbro's in-house video studio was able to successfully implement, adopt and embrace the use of a technology that is now at the heart of its creative production process. You'll hear a story filled with the starts, stops and frustrations that are common to most technology rollouts. And how together the users, IT and the vendor collaborated together to leap past those hurdles to achieve success. Where success is measured by end user adoption, end user satisfaction and improvements to workflow and productivity. 

  • How success starts with a whiteboard, beer and chicken wings
  • How The User, IT and The Vendor each plays a critical role 
  • How Change Management is so complex and yet so simple 

Mark Brightman, Director Digital Technology, Hasbro
Mary Catherine Palumbos, Director of Post Product & Operations, Hasbro 
Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare 

9:00 am

Welcome to the Conference

Conference Chair:
Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential

9:10 am

How Do You Build a Successful Creative Operation? Meeting the Challenges

Managing an in-house creative agency is now more exciting but exacting than ever. Given the complexity of the work, how do you build a successful creative operation that is sustainable and scalable? In today’s environment where time to market is compressing, the demands are real. Speed, volume and complexity are some of the challenges that many face. 

This industry leading team of experts will set the stage for the day's program whilst offering real actionable advice that you can take back to your organization and immediately put into effect.

Topics to include:

  • The strength in having a diverse team
  • The strength in cross-training teams and individuals
  • The industry-wide demand for more and more content
  • What are/should be your challenges?
  • How do you demonstrate the value of your operation?
  • Optimal mixes of inside and outside resources
  • How to stay motivated in today’s environment and keep others motivated
  • How do you deal with emerging trends such as Podcasts, Video and Virtual Reality where the learning curve is steep? 
  • What is needed for success?
  • What are you doing next? 

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Clair Carter-Ginn, Partner, Forecast
Joseph Gies, Marketing Director, Creative & Photography Services, Bass Pro Shops
Paul Nicholson, SVP Production & Technology, Showtime Networks Inc.
Ranjith Kumaran, CEO, Hightail

10:10 am

Collaborating Minds and Not Files

In today’s advertising industry, agency executives and department heads often find themselves collaborating more than ever. With the increasing need to build multi-platforms in their marketing technology stacks, Droga5's Head of IT Jenn Candelario and Director of Print Services Rob Lugo have managed to implement various marketing technologies at the agency simultaneously—all while maintaining the shop's original culture, as the agency has grown from just a handful of employees to 675 employees.

Join us to hear Jenn and Rob talk about the importance of cross-departmental collaboration and how it has influenced Creative Operations at Droga5.

Jennifer Candelario, Head of IT, Droga5
Rob Lugo, Director of Print Services, Droga5

10:40 am

Refreshments & Networking

11:20 am

Creative Production Operations on a Global Scale: An Agency Perspective

Being the Agency of Record for an organization the size of Ford Motor Company takes more than a bit of global coordination. Collaboration starts strong with strategic planning and creative development, but what happens when the idea is ready to go into production?

In this session we’ll talk about the tactical realities of Creative Operations – execution, validation, and distribution – and how to determine which disciplines benefit most from a global support network.

Kristen Schweitzer, SVP, Global Production Operations Director, GTB

11:50 am

Developing a Technical Roadmap for Creative Operations

Creative leaders all want increased production, improved efficiency, and improved asset reuse (higher ROI). In this presentation, we’ll explore how to translate the Creative organization's operational goals into projects that will improve and evolve the systems and technologies that support the department.

Along the way, we’ll answer questions such as:

  • How do you author a business case to get approved funding and resources for capital projects?
  • How do you prioritize among multiple projects and tasks and make progress in an environment of limited budgets and resources?
  • How do you keep the project team focused on long range goals while keeping it nimble enough to respond to urgent bug fixes, user enhancement requests, and emerging opportunities?
  • How do you report out on the team's progress, and keep those with skin in the game – from senior leaders to tactical SMEs – engaged? 
  • How do you measure success, and are you ever really "finished"?

Jason Gould, Senior Project Manager, Creative Operations, L.L.Bean

12:20 pm

How to Get Your CMO to Give a $#@! About Creative Operations

If your CMO was designing her Marketing Dream Team chances are that Creative Operations would be the last man chosen, wouldn’t make the cut, or worse, would simply be forgotten. Why does this happen when those of us in the know are fully aware that Creative Operations is a key contributor to Marketing’s and the CMO’s success?

In this not-to-be-missed talk, ConceptShare CEO and long time Creative Operations advocate and thought leader, Nish Patel, will share what he’s seen and learned from dozens of Creative Operations teams. What are they doing that is getting their CMO to give a $#@!, making her think of and invest in Creative Operations as a key player on her Marketing Dream Team? 

Nish Patel, Vice President, Deltek

12:35 pm

Darwinism in Creative Operations

Creative Operations has changed tremendously over the past 20 years. Those who do not evolve, by inheriting superior traits, will inevitably become extinct. Those who do will prosper from the process of natural selection. 

Join Steve Kalalian, CEO of globaledit and Industrial Color Brands, to learn about the single most important evolutionary trait of successful creative groups: acceleration.

Steve Kalalian, CEO, globaledit & Industrial Color Brands

12:50 pm

Lunch & Networking

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Also enjoy our bonus TechLab sessions:

1.15 - 1.45pm: Machine Learning in DAM
with Rachit Awasthi of Cognizant assetSERV

1.50 - 2.20pm: The Future of DAM
with Uri Kogan and Neil Grant of Nuxeo

2:20 pm

Balancing Business Acumen, Creativity and Technology

Creative Operations requires the right balance of business acumen, creativity and technology. Easy to say much harder to do. When done right, you build a strong infrastructure that allows your Creative Operation to flourish. Morale is high, productivity rises - work is highly collaborative and rewarding. This produces on-time and on budget delivery. 

When done wrong, your operation is headed for disaster. Projects derail quickly, anxiety sets in, costs rise and chaos looms.  

How to get it right, not wrong, is all about the details of management.

In this session, the panel members explore how successful organizations achieved harmony and the techniques they used to balance the three components.

Topics to include:

  • Change Management Strategies – stories of success and disaster
  • Process creation and refinement - where to begin and end
  • Instilling a practiced methodology e.g. a true project management function
  • Balancing the budget (freelance, tech expenses, headcount)
    - Chargebacks, timesheets  
  • Insights and analysis
    - Data and metrics
    - Dashboards, reports
  • Demand Management - forecasting job role demand and the allocation of resources

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
William Bealmear, Supervisor - Creative Media Group, Exelon
Alice Carpenter, Director, Creative Operations, America's Test Kitchen
Anthony Imgrund, Project Manager, FCB Global
David Lesue, Creative Director, Workfront
Bill Weiss, Director of Creative Operations, HelloFresh

3:40 pm

Refreshments & Networking + Enjoy our Bonus TechLab Session:

3.50 - 4.10pm: How to Scale High Quality, High Volume, High Velocity, E-commerce and Social Media Photo Production 
with Gilles Rousseau of Splashlight 

4:20 pm

Roundtable: The Big Three: People, Process & Technology - A Deep Dive into the Fundamentals of Creative Operations

How good management ensures the power of technology enhances human performance. How to combine the abilities of groups of individuals working together with best in class technology. What can be delivered can be transformational – the challenge is to achieve the potential.

Join with your peers in group discussions to share experiences and identify the best ways to meet those challenges and reap the benefits of close collaboration.  

People (Talent): Creative Operations requires a special breed of individuals? True/false; can we create/train them? Identifying potential stars.

  • What does your Org Design look like; is it fit for purpose; how can you tell? 
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • Do you have Creative Ops identified as a role, what if you don’t?
  • Project Management as a discipline – lessons from the real world
  • Production - is it integrated (and the consequences if it is not)?
  • Creative Resourcing - effectively forecast job role demand and allocate resources appropriately
    - a ‘how to’ discussion
  • Generation Challenges - Millennials vs GenX vs Baby Boomers 

Process (Intake): How does work come into your shop and what key details are you gathering on intake of a project?

  • Do you use a Creative Brief?
  • The ‘Tiered Approach’ to project types (Tier I, II or III)
  • Step by step walk through of concept development & execution process -
  • Review and approvals - by whom and when?
  • Agile vs Waterfall

Technology: Workflow Tool vs DAM Tool?

  • What are the pros and cons? 
  • Metadata
  • Integrations
  • Collaboration - How does technology enable? 
  • Optimize and amplify the investment

Session Leader:
Jackie Schaffer, Vice President & General Manager, Cella
Clair Carter-Ginn, Partner, Forecast
Jason Gould, Senior Project Manager, Creative Operations, L.L.Bean
Anthony Imgrund, Project Manager, FCB Global
Cindy Ponce, Consulting Practice Lead, Cella
Kristen Schweitzer, SVP, Global Production Operations Director, GTB
Tim Vasilovic, Manager, Digital Asset & Photo Library, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Bill Weiss, Director of Creative Operations, HelloFresh
Sue Wolski, Senior Consultant, Cella

5:30 pm

Drinks Reception

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