Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received from our latest
DAM events:

Great place to come and learn about what's happening in the DAM world from peers, and a very fine networking opportunity
Harold Shapiro, CBS Corp

HS DAM provided great insights into the many aspects of DAM and how it impacts so many areas within an enterprise. We feel we are much better prepared as we move to implement a DAM
Andy Curley, Christian Broadcasting Network

Great place to build a DAM Foundation
Samuel T. Kendall, Thirty-One Gifts

HS DAM Tutorials helped us identify our company's unique requirements to focus on, when selecting a DAM System
John Locke, Amgen, Inc.

If HS DAM events took place three times a year in NYC, Id attend each one
Marsha Camera, New York Power Authority

HS DAM is the tool to a more effective workflow for any industry interested in making profits
Nila Bernstengel, Sesame Workshop

HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to understand the use of DAM in different ways
Taina Narhi, Face Value OY, Finland

HS DAM events allow me an opportunity to meet other people facing the same problems and reaping the same type of reward
Kendra Miller, Ogilvy & Mather

HS NY was a great event and a good time
Dustin Tantum, Beck Atlanta, LLC

HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other DAM-geeks!
Tabitha Yorke, HIT Entertainment

Well done, good informative day, meeting interesting people. I liked it.
Herbert Wirth, picturesafe GmbH

The best events for DAM professionals, bar none
Michael Wells, Third Light

HS DAM 2011 brought me up to speed in this exciting area
Gregory Grefenstette, Exalead

HS DAM event opened my eyes to the diversity of the DAM landscape and shared experiences of people within the field. Recommended
Douglas McCarthy, National Maritime Museum

A really engaging event. Great networking among others facing similar DAM issues. Thought provoking at day to day implementation and wider enterprise level.
Shirley Hayward, Williams Lea (Philips)

Great line up of speakers: delivering practical information for anybody embarking on their DAM journey
Steve McColan, Vyre

This event allowed me to meet and connect with my peers and industry experts facing similar challenges as I do in my daily work.
Chris Villinger, Philips Lighting

Great opportunity to meet the DAM family.
Thomas Franz ,Kreuzverweis Solutions GmbH

HS DAM event enabled me to increase my awareness of challenges of DAM from industries and sectors outside my own area of Cultural Heritage.
Richard Ferguson, National Maritime Museum

HS DAM events are a available professional forum for knowledge sharing and networking.
Claire Parker, BBC Worldwide Consumer Products

New to DAM so it gave me a great insight to the world of DAM.
Ash Akhtar, AQA

As a newcomer to DAM the presentations were a great introduction into real-life practice. All attendees were accessible, supportive and very helpful. An excellent two days.
Angus Dawson, Freelance/Student

HS DAM events are attended by organisations & individuals that are experienced and active in the space. It is a perfect collection of people in which to learn and develop my thinking and initiatives.
David Wormald, MarkLogic

HS DAM tutorial provides a very good overview of elements to consider that would help you pick the right DAM.
Aliona Burlacu, Philips Lighting

HS DAM NY was a fantastic and very valuable show for us. We were pleased to see the quantity and quality of attendees. The sessions were also informative all in all a very successful event. Thanks!
Eric Courville, Director of Marketing & Alliances, North Plains Systems

Excellent presentation + workshops. Fun + interactive. Thank you so much.
Karen McKenzie, BBC Worldwide


DAM Tutorials 2013

Fundamentals of DAM

This HS DAM Tutorial increased my knowledge of the subject matter and Theresa helped answer my pressing questions and concerns
Kristina Herz, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

HS DAM provided me with the princeple ideas around asset management
Michael Ajibade, Marks and Spencer

Very interesting content (relevant to my role). I would recommend to other with lots of information to take back to me colleages!
Vanessa Brown, Marks and Spencer

HS DAM tutorial directors confirm that DAM is a very complex problem with complex solutions. Partnership is key to success
Shawn Dooley, The Coca-Cola Company

The handouts provided a nice view of vendors vs services available. This is a valuable addition to my market research.
Charone Williams, Henkel Corp

Good overview of DAM. Helpful for those on the market for a DAM.

Tammy Smalls, GSK

Fundamentals of Metadata

This tutorial was very informative. It provided me with the building blocks for using metadata and researching a DAM. I feel less stressed tackling this project.
Charone Williams, Henkel Corp

Completely demystified the DAM process for me and convinced me how important DAMs are for higher education
Gigi Marino, Bucknell University

Hands down a thorough, easy to follow presentation for the metadata abyss
Amber Webb, Coats & Clark

HS DAM tutorial gives me a practical approach to solving a daunting task
Shawn Dooley, The Coca-Cola Company

Johns tutorial exceeded my expectations. He made me aware of questions I didnt realise I should be asking.
Angela Glass, Related Companies

The tutorial was a great way for me to be introduced to the fundamentals prior to the conference
Ryan Khavari, Howdy MAM!

DAM Leadership

Great examples and ideas, even for the seasoned professional.
Lisa Grimm, GSK

A great overall look at the many aspects involved with the DAM process.
Thomas Spence, Wounded Warrior Project

David and Graham provide the tools and the context necessary to understand and cultivate DAM as a practice
John Tigh, North Highland Company

Taxonomy and Advanced Metadata for DAM

these tutorials can really help us move from launch to a standard operating model
Lisa Grimm, GSK

Johns depth of knowledge and ability to engage a wide variety of attendees from different industries and at different phases in the DAM acquisition process is impressive. The session was enormously helpful not just in terms of taxonomy and metadata but in regard to helping me think through the entire DAM acquisition process.
Angela Glass, Related Companies

John did an amazing job of making the six hours of metadata and taxonomy fly by incredibly engaging.
Sara Sarow, Promega

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