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Welcome from our Conference Chair


In the DAM Kitchen: what’s cooking in 2014?

Like any great kitchen, a well-run enterprise DAM initiative has many moving parts. Whether it’s pub grub or high-end dining, there are line cooks who specialize, front-of-house managers to set the stage, and a head chef who makes sure each plate is sent out to the guest as planned. This year’s look at the current state of Digital & Media Asset Management trends will explore how specialized technologies, innovation, and management models are working together to output more complex, multi-course brand and media experiences — elevating DAM to the next level of enterprise effectiveness. This session will also feature an independent, objective, and rapid-fire intensive on the Digital & Media Asset Management marketplace, with a high-level view of what 30+ vendors have to offer you in 2014. 

Theresa Regli, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst, Real Story Group


How DAM Implementations Can Be Innovative, Enterprise Wide, and Multichannel

A growing body of knowledge is accumulating on ‘Next Generation Enterprise DAM’ from the many projects well underway.  This session covers the lessons being learned and, in particular, how DAM at an enterprise-wide level is being run to make their marketing channels more effective.

We shall cover best practices in DAM involving project management and marketing; DAM’s importance in social media; technical disciplines as organizations adopt and move through the process of fine-tuning their DAM systems; strategies in global DAM projects; common issues in organizational change management; the management of human capital and vendor/integrator management in enterprise deployments.

Ben Norton, Business Director, Diageo, ICP
Shane Warden, General Manager, IMG Studios
Stephen McKillop, Global Brand Asset Management Lead, Diageo
Romney Whitehead, Digital Content Specialist and DAM Consultant


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Selecting a DAM System: Evaluating Vendors through Demonstrations while Keeping your Stakeholders Satisfied

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England is a complex organization with extensive DAM requirements ranging from those of a tourist attraction to the needs of a scientific research institute. Going into a DAM selection process can be a challenging balance of meeting business requirements and inspiring DAM support and engagement from the user group. How do you plan a useful vendor demonstration and still keep your stakeholders happy? Kristina will present her experience of  maintaining user buy-in and successfully running vendor demonstrations to ultimately select a DAM product that is best for the organization.

Kristina Herz, Head of Digital Asset Management, Royal Horticultural Society


DAM Installation – persistence rewarded or 'If at first you don’t succeed…'

Don't be alarmed if your first attempt at developing/purchasing a DAM does not work . In this session Patrick Lennon, Acting Content Manager, Tourism Ireland describes the challenges and learnings of their DAM journey from initial research and procurement to successful launch

  • Scope of the project grew significantly since first envisaged in 2010.
  • Working with multiple partners/stakeholders towards a common goal proved difficult but was ultimately rewarding.
  • Where multiple partners are involved in DAM development having a Project Manager as a point of contact for all bodies appointed early in the process is a big plus.
  • In a public agency project governance is important but some flexibility is required for adaptation to unforeseen events.
  • Taking the time to develop a common, well understood, terminology on formats and specifications is time well spent.
  • Never underestimate the resources needed to input legacy content assets into the DAM system. This work must be adequately resourced.
  • Always seek expert help during the procurement and development process.

Patrick Lennon, Acting Content Manager, Tourism Ireland


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Content meets Big Data: drive personalized digital engagement through understanding

The landscape of digital marketing has changed dramatically in the past two years, where “engagement” through multiple touch points is generating more data than ever thought possible. This represents an incredible opportunity for organizations to attract, engage and position the right product for the right customer, partner, dealer with an engaging experience. This is where content and Rich Media Management play a crucial role in the engagement and experience process. Content without context means nothing to the wrong individual. Join Tracy Askam as she presents insights on how to marry data with the right content experiences.

Tracy Askam, Senior Director of Global Strategic Accounts, MediaBeacon


Prescriptive DAM Health

  • Diagnosis - How did it all begin?
  • Treatment - What was our plan (Technology & Business)? What help did we need?
  • Bedside Manner - Communications and Change Management
  • Outcome/Results - How we are doing now? What’s the future strategy?
  • Preventative Medicine! - Governance, Support, Recognition

Jason Hall, Informatics Service/Project Manager LifeCycle Teams, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.


A new DAM for Ubisoft marketing: How we designed a successful change management strategy to transition from a legacy system used worldwide

  • Ubisoft DAM system for operational marketing teams was seven years old and needed to transition to meet current business objectives with the necessary agility.
  • Key criteria set by sponsors were: improving employees’ productivity, promoting internal visibility and transparency and interfacing properly with third parties.
  • A project's team was built to implement a new system and to migrate the large volume of existing assets. Objectives set included: ensuring consistent adoption, aligning usage, defining support and governance models, ensuring staff commitment and preparing a strategic roadmap.

We describe:

  • Raising end users lack of awareness to ‘ownership of the new solution’.
  • How change, communication and training strategies, plus a successful migration and good user experience, eliminated pushback and got business users to advocate for the changes.
  • How governance issues were thought through and ensured long term success.
  • Potential problems in the future and our plans to handle them.
  • How to generate even more involvement from the business, for instance through a more flexible approach, so that satisfaction is greater, ‘ownership’ increased and delivery brought forward.

The session will focus on how the project team built a change management plan to deliver the adopted objectives and delivered them. Plus how to do even better.

Cecile Ritte, Project & Account Manager, Digital Asset Management, Ubisoft


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DAM Conversations: Join your peers in roundtable discussions

We discuss our common – and uncommon – experiences: challenges, problems, goals, solutions, and successes; DAM projects in all their variations.  

Join us for our annual community roundtables as we benefit, in small groups, from our collective wisdom. We hear what’s ‘top of mind’ as we review:

  • New projects and work flows supported by DAM
  • The reports that are important to you
  • The users, assets, and technology you’ve added over the past year
  • What lays ahead
  • What the ongoing challenges for adoption are and how we shall meet them
  • The DAM Maturity Model – how well is it working?

Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Mark Davey, President, DAM Foundation, CEO, IQequity Ltd, Consulting Analyst, Real Story Group
Theresa Regli, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst, Real Story Group
Romney Whitehead, Digital Content Specialist and DAM Consultant


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