Dates for your 2015 Calendar

We'll be visiting the following cities in 2015 - look out for early bird discounts and savings!


Reflections on 2014 and opportunities in 2015

To: The Henry Stewart DAM community - users, vendors, consultants and academics.

From: David H. Lipsey, Chair, Henry Stewart DAM conferences

Like the relentless force of gravity, all business data and promotional material are pulled towards a digital format. This has been dubbed 'LED' (Leading Everything Digital). As the force of LED increases, the importance of DAM throughout the worlds of industry, commerce, leisure, not-for-profit and government grows. The consequence: DAM professionals and DAM expertise are increasingly in demand and career opportunities expand.

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Why attend our DAM events?

Please check back for updates as we develop the content-led briefings packed full of case studies - all from the user's perspective! Attendance ensures that everyone involved in the capture, storage and application of digital media assets is fully briefed on the latest developments and best practices. We hope to see you in 2015 as we continue to present events dedicated to DAM.