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Registration & Breakfast - Exhibition Opens

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DAM Keynotes

Welcome from David Lipsey, Conference Chair

Creative Operations

Welcome from Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential

9:10 am


How Do You Build a Successful Creative Operation? Meeting the Challenges

Managing an in-house creative agency is now more exciting but exacting than ever. Given the complexity of the work, how do you build a successful creative operation that is sustainable and scalable? In today’s environment where time to market is compressing, the demands are real. Speed, volume and complexity are some of the challenges that many face. 

This industry leading team of experts will set the stage for the day's Creative Operations program whilst offering real actionable advice that you can take back to your organization and immediately put into effect.

Topics to include:

  • The strength in having a diverse team
  • The strength in cross-training teams and individuals
  • The industry-wide demand for more and more content
  • What are/should be your challenges?
  • How do you demonstrate the value of your operation?
  • Optimal mixes of inside and outside resources
  • How to stay motivated in today’s environment and keep others motivated
  • How do you deal with emerging trends such as Podcasts, Video and Virtual Reality where the learning curve is steep? 
  • What is needed for success?
  • What are you doing next? 

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Joseph Gies, Marketing Director, Creative & Photography Services, Bass Pro Shops
Paul Nicholson, SVP Production & Technology, Showtime Networks Inc.
Mike Trigg, Chief Operating Officer, Hightail

9:40 am

DAM in 2017: Engines of Empathy

Engines convert one form of energy into a different one, usually burning a fuel to create heat, which in turn creates a force. The word "engine" derives from the old French engin, meaning “ingenious”.  What are the forces we need to create with our DAM engines in 2017? 

In our modern creative digital workplaces, DAM systems have evolved into engines that power not only the creation and distribution of digital assets, but now also the consumer experience. But are those experiences empathetic to how consumers are thinking and feeling? Is it possible to plant seeds for optimal consumer experience in the earliest stages, when we’re initially creating and managing the assets that will shape the digital environment?

DAM in 2017 will explore assets as vehicles of sentiment, showing examples of how we’ve failed at this so far. More importantly, we’ll explore what we can achieve in the future, and how we can make the digital world more empathetic with the power of effective DAM. 

Theresa Regli, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst, Real Story Group

10:10 am

Case Study

Collaborating Minds and Not Files

In today’s advertising industry, agency executives and department heads often find themselves collaborating more than ever. With the increasing need to build multi-platforms in their marketing technology stacks, Droga5's Head of IT Jenn Candelario and Head of Print Studio Rob Lugo have managed to implement various marketing technologies at the agency simultaneously—all while maintaining the shop's original culture, as the agency has grown from just a handful of employees to 675 employees.

Come join us to hear Jenn and Rob talk about the importance of cross-departmental collaboration and how it has influenced creative operations at Droga5.

Jennifer Candelario, Head of IT, Droga5
Rob Lugo, Head of Print Services, Droga5

10:40 am

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DAM Leadership

14 Weeks Later: Scaling Your Team to Manage Disruptive Change

Strategic goals often mandate that organizations confront significant change while maintaining high standards of day to day business results. Leveraging existing resources and teams, timelines typically are rigid and additional resources may or may not be available. How we meet these goals within this set of constraints defines in sharp relief a team’s culture, leadership and ability to move rapidly forward, leaving behind pre conceived notions of what can or cannot be accomplished. These challenges are your team’s opportunity to grow, leveraging partnerships and smart planning, to enable a highly functional team driving to success.

This case study walks through a recent project where a clear mandate, with a defined and immovable end date, required a team to quickly set up a functional framework to analyze, categorize, and move 1M+ records. The critical piece of the puzzle that allowed the team to move forward was a radical redefinition of roles and responsibilities, segregating the team into three tracks: Hold Steady – Charged with continuing day to day operations of a growing segment, Transition – Provide the heft and movement to complete the conversion to Future State, and Innovate – Rapidly develop immediate data and workflow tools to increase the sheer volume of records that could be moved and QA that could be accomplished.

Completed successful, on time and within budget, the speaker reviews what worked, what didn’t, and what, in the end, allowed the team to cross the finish line successfully.

Thomas Stilling, VP, Global Enterprise Operations, 20th Century Fox

Your DAM Journey

How to Select the Right Digital & Media Asset Management System

It's about time we stopped asking the unanswerable question: “What is the BEST digital asset management system?" Despite all the vendor marketing hype and so-called "objective" white paper publications, there is no one "best" system: there's one that's right for YOU, your business needs, your technical requirements, your integration points, and your budget. And even then, no system or vendor is perfect. You need to know the risks going in, and plan to mitigate them accordingly.

If you're new to DAM, you need to make sure you consider many aspects of the market carefully. If you're not so new to DAM, the system and vendor that was right for you four years ago may not be the right one now - perhaps you have moved on, but your vendor hasn't kept up with the curve. 

This session will feature an independent, objective, and rapid-fire intensive on the Digital & Media Asset Management marketplace, with a high-level view of what DAM vendors have to offer you in 2017.

Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director, Real Story Group

Creative Operations

Creative Production Operations on a Global Scale: An Agency Perspective

Being the Agency of Record for an organization the size of Ford Motor Company takes more than a bit of global coordination. Collaboration starts strong with strategic planning and creative development, but what happens when the idea is ready to go into production?

In this session we’ll talk about the tactical realities of Creative Operations - execution, validation, and distribution – and how to determine which disciplines benefit most from a global support network.

Kristen Schweitzer, SVP, Global Production Operations Director, GTB

11:50 am

Production Asset Management: Nine Insights from Coca-Cola’s Global Head of Film & Music Production

Nick Felder, Global Head of Film and Music Production for Coca-Cola, shares his unique, and somewhat iconoclastic approach, to Asset Management for one of the world’s largest brands.   

As a ‘Maker’ of work he will describe what’s needed for others to re-make, or re-purpose, what he creates, on a global scale - across all media and with ‘rights management’ to boot. He will also share some of his insights on ‘platform sell-in’ and the culture change needed to embrace it. Join us for a unique non-nerd POV on the practice of Asset Management covering:

  • Achieving clarity of purpose:  for Coca-Cola the value proposition is ‘reuse’.  
  • Use ‘Media Agnostic Definitions’:  drop the semantics of media-based definitions of assets; use fact-based, objective criteria.
  • Lean on the tagosphere: in a global company ‘Taxonomy’ only works ‘up to a point’. How to handle naming conventions, tags, synonymic labels, key words, open text, and the other components of common ‘rules’.
  • The yin yang of ‘Materials’ and ‘Rights’: sorting out the ‘Composite’ from the ‘Component’ and covering rights extensions and payment for rights.
  • Chunk according to culture: do not create a one-stop-shop; do not divide according to discipline - scope according to culture and ecosystem.
  • Get internal processes right: understand the life-cycles of your assets and the proper role of ‘archives’. Establish bright line rules on the basis of objective facts.  Remove the reliance for judgment calls.
  • Explain it visually: English may be the second language; establish practices that require less training;
  • Channel your inner Sanjay Gupta: Sell to both ends of your organization simultaneously, the C-Suite and the worker bees.
  • Production concerns looking forward: programatic (VR, AR and new formats); new means of distribution/delivery (mid-stream) will dictate new requirements for production (upstream) and storage (downstream).

Nick Felder, Global Group Director, Film and Music Production, The Coca-Cola Company

Benchmarking Your DAM Effectiveness

Join us for a fast-paced, hands-on session where you can assess the effectiveness of your existing DAM environment in a series of structured Q&A exercises. 

We'll guide you through a methodology designed to review the current DAM capabilities of your organization, focusing not only on the technology you have in place but also the people and process, as well as broader connections to other marketing technologies.

No matter where you are on your DAM journey, you'll leave with a visual representation of where you stand as a DAM practice and where you need to go in the future.

Theresa Regli, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst, Real Story Group
Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director, Real Story Group

Developing a Technical Roadmap for Creative Operations

Creative leaders all want increased production, improved efficiency, and improved asset reuse (higher ROI). In this presentation, we’ll explore how to translate the Creative organization's operational goals into projects that will improve and evolve the systems and technologies that support the department.

Along the way, we’ll attempt to answer questions such as:

  • How do you author a business case to get approved funding and resources for capital projects?
  • How do you prioritize among multiple projects and tasks and make progress in an environment of limited budgets and resources?
  • How do you keep the project team focused on long range goals while keeping it nimble enough to respond to urgent bug fixes, user enhancement requests, and emerging opportunities?
  • How do you report out on the team's progress, and keep those with skin in the game – from senior leaders to tactical SMEs – engaged? 
  • How do you measure success, and are you ever really "finished?"

Jason Gould, Senior Project Manager, Creative Operations, L.L.Bean

12:20 pm

How to Get Your CMO to Give a $#@! About Creative Operations

If your CMO was designing her Marketing Dream Team chances are that Creative Operations would be the last man chosen, wouldn’t make the cut, or worse, would simply be forgotten. Why does this happen when those of us in the know are fully aware that Creative Operations is a key contributor to Marketing’s and the CMO’s success?

In this not-to-be-missed talk, ConceptShare CEO and long time Creative Operations advocate and thought leader, Nish Patel, will share what he’s seen and learned from dozens of Creative Operations teams. What are they doing that is getting their CMO to give a $#@!, making her think of and invest in Creative Operations as a key player on her Marketing Dream Team? 

Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare Inc.

12:35 pm

Darwinism in Creative Operations

Creative Operations have changed tremendously over the past 20 years. Those who do not evolve, by inheriting superior traits, will inevitably become extinct. Those who do will prosper from the process of natural selection. 

Join Steve Kalalian, CEO of Industrial Color Brands, to learn about the single most important evolutionary trait of successful creative groups: acceleration.

Steve Kalalian, CEO, globaledit & Industrial Color Brands

12:50 pm

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DAM Leadership

When You Care Enough: Managing Creativity & Complexity at Hallmark

Ever wonder what DAM looks like at a company after 5, 10, or 20 years? As a content company with more than 100 years of history—and an early adopter of technology to help manage content—Hallmark has grown through a decades-long journey, maturing through generations of DAM systems.

Hallmark manages a wide variety of content categories, including creative writing, illustration, photography, hand lettering, surface design, and multimedia. To navigate effectively millions of these assets, each must be tagged to capture nuanced differences in emotion, expression, and artistry. To add to the challenge our assets are based on human insight and designed to never lose their relevance. They are used, added to, and reinvented in fresh ways countless times by our global user community of talented artists/creators, giving each asset the chance to enjoy an impressive lifespan.

Hallmark’s mission is enabled by our ability to provide the right content through an energized creative staff. The speaker will share what Hallmark has learned over the years of managing this complexity and what enduring lessons still guide the management of millions of timeless Hallmark assets.

Debra Risner, Creative Digital Asset Director, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Your DAM Journey

Bringing the Digital Ecosystem Together, Safely, with a DAM System: A Case Study

Katherine Sydenham will discuss elements of the Council on Foreign Relations’ DAM journey that are unique to its 3-part organizational structure (think tank, membership organization, and publisher) and its role in the foreign policy sphere.  

She’ll cover encouraging a new digital sharing culture between branches of an organization with different work processes and goals; providing layers of access to staff users with differing levels of permission to handle confidential content; and benefits and challenges to having the Library and Research Services division as the main mover on institution-wide digital asset management.

Katherine Sydenham, Associate Director, Digital Asset Management, Library and Research Services, Council on Foreign Relations

Creative Operations

Balancing Business Acumen, Creativity and Technology

Creative Operations requires the right balance of business acumen, creativity and technology. Easy to say much harder to do.  When done right, you build a strong infrastructure that allows your Creative Operation to flourish. Morale is high, productivity rises - work is highly collaborative and rewarding. This produces on-time and on-budget delivery. 

When done wrong, your operation is headed for disaster. Projects derail quickly, anxiety sets in, costs rise and chaos looms.  

How to get it right, not wrong, is all about the details of management.

In this session, the panel members will explore how successful organizations achieved harmony and the techniques they used to balance the three components.

Topics to include:

  • Balancing the budget (freelance, tech expenses, headcount)
    - Chargebacks, timesheets  
  • Change Management Strategies – stories of success and disaster
  • Insights and analysis
    - Data and metrics
    - Dashboards, reports
  • Demand Management - forecasting job role demand and the allocation of resources
  • Process creation and refinement  - where to begin and end
  • Instilling a practiced methodology e.g. a true project management function

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
William Bealmear, Supervisor—Creative Media Group, Exelon
Alice Carpenter, Director, Creative Operations, America's Test Kitchen
Anthony Imgrund, Project Manager, FCB Global
David Lesue, Creative Director, Workfront
Bill Weiss, Director of Creative Operations, DraftKings

2:50 pm

Metadata Matters

Metadata development is a strategic imperative in the endeavor to effectively manage and exploit a company’s knowledge. The successful implementation of any content-related strategy   – for data, digital assets or text – requires implementation of a holistic metadata schema that is supported by technology, people and process.

Metadata, simply stated, is the spirit of an intellectual or creative asset. Every piece of content has the potential to be exploited for a variety of purposes. Metadata is the foundation of a profitable digital strategy to deliver an optimized and fully engaging consumer experience and is the most real application of asset and data management that enables creation, discovery, and ultimately distribution and consumption. Metadata is the foundation for your digital strategy.

This session will provide an in-depth exploration of how different organizations strategically manage Metadata in their marketing operations and featuring panelists at various stages of their Metadata management with first-hand stories to share, lessons to be learned, and advice for the audience.

John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors
Tim Grey, Digital Asset Management Systems Manager, Ralph Lauren
Yonah Levenson, Manager of Taxonomy, HBO
Thomas Novembre, VP, Brand Creative Systems, J.Crew Group, Inc.

The Great DAM Bake Off

The Great DAM Bake Off is a forum to provide attendees with succinct, comparative presentations on the latest digital asset management solutions. Attendees will help crown the "2017 Tastiest DAM" in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. DAM vendors will present a series of short, focused demos (of the same features, so you can compare apples-to-apples), showing how their systems address specific business use cases. An expert panel of judges will offer commentary, both attendees and the judges can ask tough questions, but YOU vote for the winner. Which system soufflé will rise to the top?

Jarrod Gingras, Analyst and Managing Director, Real Story Group

3:40 pm

Refreshments & Visit the Exhibition

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Choose From One of Four Interactive Sessions

  1. Beyond DAM: A Thought-provoking Roundtable
  2. Integrating DAM Technology with Adjacent Platforms
  3. The Big Three: People, Process & Technology - A Deep Dive into the Fundamentals of Creative Operations 
  4. DAMAPALOOZA: A User's Guide to Building a Successful DAM

5:30 pm

Drinks Reception

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