TechLab: Day One - Thursday May 5

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
DAM 2020: How Code Halos will shape the DAM of the future

  • What are Code Halos? How can they impact Digital Transformations?
  • What do Code Halos mean for the DAM of the future?
  • DAM 2020: Key findings from a custom research by Forrester Consulting

Jitin Agarwal, Venture Leader, Cognizant assetSERV
Ben Pring
, Vice President, Cognizant's Future of Work Center

10.10 - 10.40am
Decoupling of Digital Content: A Case Study on Collaboration

Decoupling of Digital Content: A Case Study on Collaboration Transitioning to a centralized DAM requires a collaboration across multiple external partners, providing unique skills and competencies. This panel will examine how a collaborative approach was leveraged to accomplish a DAM ‘reset’ initiative at one of the world’s largest CPG companies.

Amanda Cortese, Risetime 
Chris Barkoozis, Allied Vaughn
John Florence, Risetime
Megan Morrissey, Allied Vaughn

10.50 - 11.20am
DAM gets Physical

In Digital Asset Management, we pride ourselves on being able to find that needle in a haystack. Metadata makes it easy to find a single digital asset out of millions. But when it gets physical, we lose things all the time… keys, notes, tools. In this TechTalk, we’ll show some great use cases for combining DAM with mobile and geo-tagging to identify where physical assets like signage, billboards and in-store displays are in the real world.

Susie Stitzel, Director, Product Marketing, MediaBeacon

11.20 - 11.50am
How DAM is at the Heart of the Digital Supply Chain

Led by Omni-Channel Communication and Digital Transformation, it is imperative in today’s world to have a robust and streamlined Digital Supply Chain for the creation and management of visual content and channel agnostic marketing materials.

In this session, we’ll talk about how North Plains provide organizations with a platform to manage their marketing content with speed, agility and control, through a powerful and seamlessly connected Enterprise DAM environment, meeting the different user experience requirements across the content journey, from ideation to customer engagement.

Steve Sauder, Product Manager, North Plains Systems

11.50 - 12.20pm
Marketing is Moving Fast. The 5 Things You Should be Concerned About

The traditional marketer is long gone and the landscape continues to change at a rapid rate. As organizations come under increasing pressure to deliver effective global campaigns, connected DAM systems are at the core of the revolution.

If you are a Marketing Technology, IT, Production or DAM Executive what are the 5 things you need look out for?

With thoughts gathered from worlds largest brands and ad agencies make sure you are driving a best in class vision. For the benefit of your organisation, make sure a connected DAM at the core of your marketing and technology strategy.

Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director, Adstream

1.15 - 1.45pm
Creative Workflows & DAM - From Design to a Global Digital Experience

In today’s multi-channel world, the world’s leading brands are under pressure to create as many as 10 times the number of digital assets to deliver a complete customer experience. This demand is driven by an increase in our customer’s expectation that our content is mobile-ready, personalized  and engaging.

In this session we will take a closer look at the creative workflow & DAM, and how new workflows are helping marketers achieve “maximum content velocity”.  Join us to get tips and tricks on using Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager to create, manage and deliver more content than ever before.

James Lockman, Cloud Architect, Adobe Systems Incorporated

1.50 - 2.20pm
Creative Production Agility Through Integrating the Creative Ops Tech Stack

The volume and variety of campaign assets being produced by big brands and agencies continues to explode; growing an average of 30%+ year-over-year. The ability to deliver these assets on time, on spec and cost-effectively is directly tied to the agility of the creative production process. Where that agility is defined by how well the creative operations function ties together teams/people, process and technology.

In this session we’ll cover the technology building blocks - DAM, Project Management, Online Proofing - of Creative Operations. And how organizations are speeding up delivery of assets while reducing their cost by integrating across their Creative Ops Tech Stack. See and learn how integrating DAM and Online Proofing increases asset re-use by 32%. See and learn how integrating Project Management and Online Proofing decreases time to delivery of campaign assets by 52%.

Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare Inc.

2.20 - 2.50pm
The Value of Semantic Relationships in DAM

Every digital asset is part of a complex network of relationships that connect the asset to products, users, agreements, marketing materials, and other digital assets. Companies need to track and analyze these relationships in order to increase user engagement and maximize its investment in assets.

Join Avalon Consulting, LLC to see how censhare AG uses semantic relationships to connect digital assets to information across the entire enterprise. censhare's unique graph-based DAM is used by companies like GoPro and Kohl's to remove information silos and provide enterprise-wide visibility to all assets for marketing, publishing, and production purposes.

Demian Hess, Director, DAM and Publishing Systems, Avalon Consulting, LLC

3.10 - 3.40pm 
How Does Your DAM Stack Up?

What type of species do you herd to grow your Marketing Technology stack? Camels, race horses or llamas? And do you have the most reliable car, the best driver, the fastest pit crew and the safest race track at your disposal to win the race?

Join our session to make sense out of this and find out how it relates to DAM.

Brent Richards, Chief Revenue Officer, ADAM Software

3.50 - 4.20pm
OpenText™ Media Management provides a better way to work by creating and using media assets across the enterprise, delivering on your organization’s brand promise to customers.

In this session we’ll show you new capabilities in our latest release, including Embedded Analytics, providing UI embedded dashboards showing system and asset usage metrics, and our Adaptive Media Delivery, which uses responsive design and manages renditions to deliver content simultaneously to multiple channels for proper display on any device. Learn how Media Management adds value to your digital operations and content delivery.

John Price, Product Marketing Manager, OpenText
Sri Raghavan
, Director of Product Management, OpenText

TechLab: Day Two - Friday May 6

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
Making an impactful DAM UX

Come join us to hear about an exciting journey that an enterprise took to create an ideal DAM UX across a wide variety of personas and requirements.

Mark Brightman, Director, Digital Technology, Hasbro
Jon Christian, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners

9.40 - 10.10pm
Kickstart your DAM and engage your co-workers with an MVP strategy

Adoption is key to the success of a DAM. Planning and preparation is great, but seeing is believing and touching is even better. Engage your co-workers and gather requirements in easier and more fun ways by launching Minimum Viable Products and quick iterations. How can you demonstrate value as early as possible in the process?

Christopher Frenning, CEO, FotoWare a.s

10.50 - 11.20am
Creative workflows & DAM: How leading brands are going from back-of-the-napkin designs to global digital experiences in record time

With their customers consuming content across a dizzying number of digital marketing touchpoints, brands are working overtime to design and deliver engaging assets and personalized content in meaningful customer experiences.

In this session, we’ll discuss how new creative workflows are helping marketers rev up their content engines to deliver on time and within budget to every customer across every relevant channel.

Join us for tips and tricks on using DAM-based workflow solutions to create, manage, and deliver more content than ever before — and make it vastly more effective at capturing customers’ attention.

Fred Sanuy and Jill Talvensaari will show you how a top retailer has made its DAM the heart of an efficient creative workflow for digital asset review, iteration, approval, and distribution. You’ll see how the solution integrates seamlessly with existing technologies, downstream workflows, and the role of HTML5 for cross channel experiences.

Frederic Sanuy, Pre-Sales Solutions Manager, DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH
Jill Talvensaari
, VP Marketing, IO Integration, Inc.

11.20 - 11.50am
DAM Of The Future- Key Trends

On an average, organizations use 3 solutions to manage rich media content and this has led to multiple challenges. And the use of rich media to manage, nay, improve consumer experience is only going to increase.

So how should DAM evolve to overcome rich media content challenges and become a critical component of the digital supply chain? In other words, what will DAM in 2020 look like?

Join Jitin Agarwal, Venture Leader and Rachit Awasthi, Product Leader as they present key findings from a 2016 Forrester Paper on the key expectations that CXOs have from the DAM of the future and what assetSERV is doing today to take advantage of these future trends.

Jitin Agarwal, Venture Leader, Cognizant assetSERV 
Rachit Awasthi, Product Leader, Cognizant assetSERV

1.15 - 1.45pm
Brand Rights Management: Is your brand protected and are your assets cleared for use? 

When managing your brand or the brand of your clients it is essential to not only create a compelling narrative with the right assets but also to ensure those assets are cleared for use so that your brand is protected. The proliferation of digital media content and the increasing complexity of tracking these digital assets across multiple formats, platforms, and geographies makes this challenging. Many organizations have adopted DAMs to manage the creation and distribution of their digital assets, however the next critical challenge is to protect your digital IP (video, music, etc.), gain visibility on its usage, and further monetize its potential. This TechLab presentation will detail the key steps you can take and demonstrate a solution to extend your DAM with an effective Rights Management and Clearance strategy in order to protect your brand, mitigate risk of litigation, improve time-to-market and increase the productivity of your creative teams.

Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, FADEL

1.50 - 2.20pm
Machine learning and Digital Asset Management

Haven't you always dreamed that your DAM would do the tedious job of adding metadata all by itself? Are you jealous of the control and insight your colleagues in eCommerce are boasting?

In this session by Tom De Ridder, CTO at STYLELABS, we look at how machine learning in ⓜ, the Marketing Content Hub brings all of this within reach of DAM.

Auto classify your assets. Auto detect subjects and human faces in images in your DAM. Including face, landmarks, pose, gender and age. 

Integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect text in an image and extract the recognised characters into metadata to enable searching.

Enrich your DAM with Recommendations and Predictive Analytics.


2.20 - 2.50pm
Digital Transformation for Do-ers

Every organization has a Digital Transformation strategy right now, but how do you successfully engage the doers of your organization to deliver high levels of user adoption across multiple departments, partners and technologies?

In this session we will be drawing on the experience of supporting our global clients such as Unilever and Diageo and will address:

  • Digital Transformation Defined
  • Clarity of Vision and Purpose
  • Golden Rules for Solutions
  • Planning for People as Well as Technology
  • Digital Transformation is for Business as Usual, Not Just for Go-Live

Victor Lebon, Director of Marketing Technology, ICP
Ruth Peters
, Director of Marketing and Business Development, ICP


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