Fundamentals of DAM: The Technology In-Depth

Wednesday November 16, 1.30 - 4.30 pm

This half-day tutorial takes apart the nuts and bolts of DAM technology, so you can better understand what it is and how it really works, as well as how DAM vendor offerings differ. Appropriate for those who are new to DAM or end-users of a DAM system who want to have a deeper understanding of the different things a DAM system can do, or technical implementers who want to have a better sense of a system's capabilities, this tutorial will walk through the fundamentals of DAM functionality. We will explore DAM functions such as ingestion, storage management, media processing, transformation, transcoding, metadata management, monetization and rights management, workflow, and reporting - with special emphasis on how this features are similar or different among vendor offerings. We will look at each component in-depth so that you understand what you can really expect from the technology - vs. what the vendor sales & marketing materials might tell you.

Tailored in particular for DAM system users and implementors who want to be empowered with the knowledge of how DAM technology can improve their situation, this tutorial will help you better communicate your requirements and needs, whether you already have a DAM system or are looking to select one.

Tutorial Leaders 

Theresa Regli is a marketing and branding technology analyst, strategist, author and market watcher with 20 years of IT industry experience. As principal and managing partner with Real Story Group, she acts as a vehement anti-hype technology skeptic and buyer's advocate, ensuring organizations don't make poor technology choices, or over-spend on what they need to make their digital goals a reality. Theresa has deep expertise in the consumer product goods, publishing, retail, financial, cultural heritage, and ad agency industries, and is the primary author of Real Story Group's 600+ page Digital & Media Asset Management Report, the definitive guide to the DAM industry and marketplace.

Theresa's advisory clients include CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, Innovation Directors, and global technology implementation teams from Novartis, Macy's, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Ubisoft, IKEA, CapitalOne, Unilever, Oppenheimer Funds, Christie's, Sesame Workshop, The University of Pennsylvania, Havas Worldwide, The British Museum, Mettler-Toledo, Net-a-Porter, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Mark Davey, CEO at IQequity, President and Founder of the DAM Foundation and Contributing Analyst at Real Story Group. The DAM Foundation, a not for profit organization, strives to create a global community of standards and best practices for Digital Asset Management. @digitalassetman


HS DAM tutorial directors confirm that DAM is a very complex problem with complex solutions. Partnership is key to success
Shawn Dooley, The Coca-Cola Company

The handouts provided a nice view of vendors vs services available. This is a valuable addition to my market research.
Charone Williams, Henkel Corp

Incredibly helpful - we are early in the process and I feel this put us on the right path.
Jill Treby, American Geophysical Union

Good overview of DAM. Helpful for those in the market for a DAM.
Tammy Smalls, GSK

Lots of great actionable information. I feel as though I've expedited our selection process with just what I've learned in a  few hours. 
Christy Dempster, Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


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