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8:00 am

Registration & Breakfast

Breakfast kindly sponsored by:  

Breakfast Briefing with OnPrem (8am): DAM - Now At The Core of The Creative Process

DAM solutions previously were a place to store, manage, distribute and archive finalized content.  Now it is being used to mange, track, review and approve the actual creation of the content.  

Come hear how DC comics is implementing next generation solutions and workflow to manage the end to end comic book creation process.

Jon Christian, Founding Partner, OnPrem
Hank Manfra, Director of Technical Operations, DC Comics
David Sugg, Executive Director - Technical Solutions, Warner Bros

9:00 am

Welcome from Conference Chair, David Lipsey

Welcome from Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential

9:10 am

Keynote: Love at First Sight: DAM & Hollywood

From the days of ‘bicycling’ tapes across town to accessing movies and TV shows from the cloud, Hollywood fell in love with the potential for DAM as soon as they met. There was music, stars and even a dance number or two. It takes commitment and thoughtfulness though, to go from that initial surge of emotion and possibility to lasting, long-term success. In relationships you must ask questions, look in the mirror and most importantly be open and honest. To set the stage for the day’s program, Thomas will share his thoughts on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of Digital Asset Management relationships and the potential they have for your organization.

Thomas Stilling, Digital Media and Transformation Advisor

Keynote: The Struggle is Real! Why did I get everyone involved!

Droga5 was seeking a non-invasive solution that would allow for all disciplines to work cohesively sharing files with the use of permissions and Metadata. Jenn shares with us how she meets the challenges of convincing key stakeholders of the importance of managing creative assets. She also will discuss the importance of bringing together agency professionals who understand the ins and outs of the day-to-day agency process.

Jennifer Candelario, Head of IT, Droga5

9:40 am

DAM 2016: The Art of Orchestration

"Orchestration" is a term loaded with meaning, both in music and computing. Composers use orchestration to bring together the musical parts of an often diverse ensemble; at the highest levels of skill and creativity, the result is a glorious and moving piece of music. Technology orchestration is the science of bringing together technologies, often in the context of a service-oriented architecture, to provide automation, dynamic metadata, and virtualization, aligning creative and business needs with applications and infrastructure. What can we as DAM practitioners learn from the great examples of musical orchestration? How can we better align our creative needs and strategic business plans with the creative technologies of today and tomorrow? DAM in 2016: the art of orchestration will explore just that. 

Theresa Regli, DAM industry strategist, author, and storyteller

Creative Operations – Now in Demand

In increasing numbers, successful organizations across all product and services sectors are recognizing the importance of ‘creative operations’— the tools, systems, and methods that maximize the productivity of ‘creative staff’. 
What was considered a back office function is now credited as a key driver in producing great creative work; as seen where companies have invested in the discipline. 
Creative Operations has now earned its long overdue place in the limelight. 
Organizations are embracing the opportunity to make workflow improvements and deliver cost efficiencies to maximize the effectiveness of their creative production process. To be successful in these roles, it is essential to overcome the challenges presented by workflow process and technology with improved approaches to measurement, gaining insight, organizational design, and change management. 
Hear from a leading team of experts - all at different stages of their creative operations journey - with hands-on, frontline experience of the latest thinking, best practices and best-in-class solutions necessary for ensuring end-to-end solutions. Listen to how they overcame their own challenges and how they are now able to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of their creative operations.

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Paul Nicholson, SVP Production & Technology, Showtime Networks Inc.
Evan Shore, Vice President/Creative Systems Manager, Arnold Worldwide
Amy Strickland, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Creative Operations, Sam’s Club

10:10 am

Keynote: Production Asset Management: Nine insights from Coca-Cola’s Global Head of Film & Music Production

Nick Felder, Global Head of Film and Music Production for Coca-Cola, shares his unique, and somewhat iconoclastic approach, to Asset Management for one of the world’s largest brands.   

As a ‘Maker’ of work he will describe what’s needed for others to re-make, or re-purpose, what he creates, on a global scale - across all media and with ‘rights management’ to boot. He will also share some of his insights on ‘platform sell-in’ and the culture change needed to embrace it. Join us for a unique non-nerd POV on the practice of Asset Management covering:

  • Achieving clarity of purpose:  for Coca-Cola the value proposition is ‘reuse’.  
  • Use ‘Media Agnostic Definitions’:  drop the semantics of media-based definitions of assets; use fact-based, objective criteria.
  • Lean on the tagosphere: in a global company ‘Taxonomy’ only works ‘up to a point’. How to handle naming conventions, tags, synonymic labels, key words, open text, and the other components of common ‘rules’.
  • The yin yang of ‘Materials’ and ‘Rights’: sorting out the ‘Composite’ from the ‘Component’ and covering rights extensions and payment for rights.
  • Chunk according to culture: do not create a one-stop-shop; do not divide according to discipline - scope according to culture and ecosystem.
  • Get internal processes right: understand the life-cycles of your assets and the proper role of ‘archives’. Establish bright line rules on the basis of objective facts.  Remove the reliance for judgment calls.
  • Explain it visually: English may be the second language; establish practices that require less training;
  • Channel your inner Sanjay Gupta: Sell to both ends of your organization simultaneously, the C-Suite and the worker bees.
  • Production concerns looking forward: programatic (VR, AR and new formats); new means of distribution/delivery (mid-stream) will dictate new requirements for production (upstream) and storage (downstream).

Nick Felder, Global Group Director, Film and Music Production, The Coca-Cola Company

10:50 am

Refreshments and visit the exhibits

11:00 am

TECHLAB: Decoupling of Advertising Services: Creating Clarity from Confusion

Decoupling of Ad Agency services, with the intention of lowering marketing costs and reducing time to market, can often be fraught with risk. The intense metadata requirements within the pharma industry have created a series of complex approval and retention policies, posing challenges unique to traditional marketing. While identifying the benefits of decoupling, it’s important to recognize the potential effects with the agency-client relationship. In this panel presentation we will discuss these challenges and how an enterprise DAM can support transparency between all stakeholders.

Chris Barkoozis, Director of Digital Asset Management Services, Allied Vaughn
Brian Cross, KlarisIP
John Florance
, DAM Practice Manager, Risetime
Charlene Lewis
, Sr. Manager, Agency Management Services, Genentech

11:30 am

How to Select (or Replace) a Digital & Media Asset Management System

It's about time we stopped asking the unanswerable question: “What is the BEST digital asset management system?" Despite all the vendor marketing hype and so-called "objective" white paper publications, there is no one "best" system: there's one that's right for YOU, your business needs, your technical requirements, your integration points, and your budget. And even then, no system or vendor is perfect. You need to know the risks going in, and plan to mitigate them accordingly.

If you're new to DAM, you need to make sure you consider many aspects of the market carefully. If you're not so new to DAM, the system and vendor that was right for you four years ago may not be the right one now -- perhaps you have moved on, but your vendor hasn't kept up with the curve. It's time to rethink your options. Modern cloud-based architectures, integration requirements, creative operation needs, and multi-channel deployments make DAM system selection more important, and also more complex, than ever. This session will feature an independent, objective, and rapid-fire intensive on the Digital & Media Asset Management marketplace, with a high-level view of what 50+ vendors have to offer you in 2016. Come ask your questions about any vendor on your watch list!

Theresa Regli, DAM industry strategist, author, and storyteller

A ‘HOW TO’ CASE STUDY: Building Digital End to End solutions for moving images, graphics and logos

All organizations have to manage their content smartly and include an archive of assets, metadata, and distribution outlets. This is true whether you are a small organization moving only a few assets or a big media company.

Carin Forman has over 25 years’ experience in solving the problems and meeting the challenges. She has worked for: HBO, Discovery Channel, and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment among others.  

In this case study Carin will show:

  • How to use DAM in innovative ways to capture imagery and metadata during the production flow 
  • How to harness best of breed tools and technology to manage a large image, graphics and logo library

On hiring the photographer and talent, digitization, ingestion, approvals, collaboration and tagging metadata in a streamlined fashion Carin will present tips and tricks on: 

  • How to take your library from an archive to a digital workflow tool
  • How to enable your business to grow and distribute large volumes of content
  • How to use Digital Asset Management and cloud based DAM tools to maximum effect   

Carin Forman, Director, Digital Photo Services, Home Box Office, Inc.

The Long March - the Power of ‘Good Governance’ to Maximise what DAM Delivers

Fundamental to DAM success is successful governance of any program – sustained over time. Join us for a dialog about what it’s like to operate governance 4+ years into the program.


  • The difference between launching governance and managing it over an extended period
  • Good governance must be rooted in good communication
  • How sustained good governance  increases value and the how and why of its contribution
  • Best practices critical for governance success - no matter where an enterprise is at on their DAM journey

Holly Boerner, Senior Manager, Optimity Advisors
Anne Samoyedny, Senior Manager, Marketing Services, PepsiCo North America Beverages

12:00 pm

Road to MAM: Leveraging the power of MAM & DAM to create an integrated production & distribution ecosystem

DAM is not a one size fits all proposition. Even within an organization there are competing needs and priorities that require specialized asset management solutions.  GoPro has compiled the best parts of DAM & MAM solutions to create a fully integrated media production and distribution ecosystem.  MAM brings the power to harness high-volume video production workflows allowing the studio to operate at a creative level that’s unsurpassed by a pure DAM solution.    By joining these two technologies together GoPro can focus on creating the best user experience for their creative professionals.

Bob Carlson, Head of Digital Asset Management, GoPro

Choreographing Creative Collaboration

Producing great creative work requires a diverse and talented group of professionals, each contributing their specialized skills and unique point of view, aligned around a shared creative vision and focused on achieving a common goal.  Easier said than done!

The reality is that many creative projects deteriorate into a disjointed mess. It’s not surprising when you consider the pitfalls -- a group of people working together perhaps for the first time, with differing expertise, varying levels of authority, and multiple competing priorities, often with a deadline looming.  Without careful choreography, your creative process can go off the rails, with conflicting feedback, delayed approvals and regular old misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Join this panel discussion with a group of creative, agency and marketing leaders who will identify the common pain points and challenges of creative collaboration and share their best practices in terms of people, process and technology.

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Panelists include:
Charmayne Robson, Senior Project Manager, Experian Consumer Services
Ranjith Kumaran, CEO, Hightail
Juliana Vail, Head of International Production, Farfetch

Delivering DAM Success by Leading Change

Change management is a continuous cycle of building trust in order to accelerate change. 

We have all been in positions to champion change in our organizations. We are not done - projects are undertaken, objectives are achieved but the quest goes on. Continuous change management is a key requirement for digital success. It requires an understanding of the complexities and importance of change for continued technological development. It also requires a clear knowledge of the world that our stakeholders inhabit. We need to anticipate future trends.

This discussion will explore: the practice of driving cultural shifts, varied learning materials, budgeting for change and securing stakeholder buy-in at all levels. We will hear from experts what has worked well and what hasn’t. We will share best practices for effective change assurance.

Leading through change is critical for well-adopted solutions. Sharing knowledge and experiences will ensure we will be closer, sooner, to delivering successful strategies.

Christina Aguilera, Studio Technology | Asset Management, Walt Disney Studios
John A. DeMarco, Manager - Digital Marketing Operations, 3M
Mark Leslie, Senior Manager, Digital Asset Management, adidas

12:30 pm

'You had me at Time-Based Metadata.’ Leveraging Rich, Time-based Metadata to Unlock New Business Opportunities

"Show me the money!"
"Don't cross the streams."
"You talkin' to me?"

For Sony Pictures' Film Clip Licensing business, iconic moments from films like Jerry Maguire, Ghostbusters, or Taxi Driver represent the low hanging fruit in the catalog. These are moments that nearly everyone recognizes -- that resonate with millions of people -- and that brands clamor to be associated with. It doesn't take great metadata or a top-notch MAM to find and deliver them. 

But these iconic moments represent only a tiny fraction of the Sony Pictures catalog as a whole. Unlocking the full clip licensing potential of the entire catalog requires a deep understanding of the library that goes beyond a handful of iconic moments and a laundry list of library titles. It requires rich, time-based metadata that describes the specific scenes, moments, even individual frames of video found within each feature, as well as the secondary rights restrictions that might be tied to a given moment from a film when taken out of context.

In this presentation, Jason will share Sony Pictures' strategy for indexing the Sony Pictures catalog using time-based metadata; how that metadata has become a catalyst for taking advantage of new clip licensing opportunities; and how centralizing and sharing that metadata has enabled other business units to enhance consumer experiences, expand marketing capabilities, and increase workflow efficiencies.

Jason Lambert, Executive Director of Content Licensing & Metadata Services, Sony Pictures Entertainment

1:00 pm

Lunch and visit the exhibits

1:25 pm

TECHLAB: Machine Learning and Digital Asset Management

Haven't you always dreamed that your DAM would do the tedious job of adding metadata all by itself? Are you jealous of the control and insight your colleagues in eCommerce are boasting?

In this session by Tom De Ridder, CTO at STYLELABS, we look at how machine learning in ⓜ, the Marketing Content Hub brings all of this within reach of DAM.

Auto classify your assets. Auto detect subjects and human faces in images in your DAM. Including face, landmarks, pose, gender and age. 

Integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect text in an image and extract the recognised characters into metadata to enable searching.

Enrich your DAM with Recommendations and Predictive Analytics.


1:55 pm


TECHLAB: Mind the Gap: building a bridge between the digital and physical worlds

Marketing dollars are increasingly shifting to the digital space, yet 85–90% of purchases are still of physical products purchased in brick-and-mortar stores. Ensuring that your customer’s experience is consistent, in both the digital and physical worlds, is a critical success factor. In this TechTalk, we’ll explore why Digital Asset Management should be the focal point of all content and communication for any brand. Join us to learn how you can bridge the gap to create great, and consistent, customer experiences no matter where your brand travels.

Joshua Foster, General Manager, MediaBeacon
Chris Janzar
, Solution Architect, MediaBeacon

2:30 pm

Metadata Matters

Metadata creation is a strategic imperative for any organization looking to manage and exploit its knowledge more effectively. The effective implementation of any content-related strategy - inclusive of data, digital assets or text - should address overall management by implementing metadata with technology, people and processes in mind. A well-planned metadata schema can be a foundational value, providing the conceptual architecture needed to make content more discoverable, accessible and ultimately more valuable. Metadata turns video, audio, or graphic files into "smart content" that is available to re-use, re-purpose or simply inspire.

This session will provide an in-depth exploration of how different organizations strategically manage Metadata in their marketing operations and featuring panelists at various stages of their Metadata management with first-hand stories to share, lessons to be learned, and advice for the audience.

John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors
Bonnie Bowes, Senior Digital Asset Manager , Sony Interactive Entertainment America
Kristen Cook, Associate Director of Print Production, Marketing Creative Services, ESPN Sales & Marketing, Inc.
Kris Hillman, Digital Asset Manager, Monster Energy
Seema Sairam, Digital Asset Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment America
Layna White, Head of Collections Information and Access, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Deep-Fried, Bacon-Wrapped, Gluten-Free Marketing on a Stick: How creative operations software makes the marketing workflow better

Just because it’s called creative operations doesn’t mean it’s just for graphic designers. Why should marketing, digital and communication teams implement creative operations ? What challenges does it solve for the teams it serves and what results does it help them accomplish? How are the various roles affected by a creative software implementation?

Debbie Vengco, Marketing Manager, Fairplex, home of the LA County Fair

"Seven year itch"

5 to 7 years seems to be the typical lifecycle of a DAM – as people look to evaluate their current state, benchmark against their peers and/or look at their technology vs. the state of the art in the marketplace, they start to see areas where the platform is a less perfect fit with the business needs than when it was deployed, and eventually recognize that a more complete re-evaluation is appropriate. Join this session for a discussion on  how to benchmark the effectiveness of your current DAM solution, how to recognize when business needs are evolving, and when to embark on that deeper dive.

Theresa Regli, DAM industry strategist, author, and storyteller
Byron Chapman, Media Fulfillment Manager, PGA TOUR Entertainment
Kendall Ginsbach, Manager, Media Systems, Pac-12 Networks
Jeff Kazanow, DAM Program Manager, Corporate Marketing, Intuit Inc.

2:50 pm

Creative Ops Technology: Building out your Ecosystem

The key driver in achieving a successful creative operation resides in the underlying technology stack that powers your workflow. Whether to incorporate legacy systems or start completely from scratch are game changing decisions that many are faced with today when designing their technology infrastructure. 

This panel will discuss the best practices involved with building out your technology ecosystem and the many challenges that go with it. We will explore the idea of chasing the silver bullet where one system does it all and offer opposing views on aligning your needs with that of best-of-breed standalone systems. 

If you build it, will they come? After the technology infrastructure is built, how do you achieve user adoption from your organization and then successfully scale to a larger user base.

The panellists discuss their experiences with ‘out of the box, end-to-end’ solutions, integrating independent ‘best of breed’ approaches and many hybrids in between.

Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential
Kathleen Cameron, Digital Archivist, Nest
Jen Duerksen, Associate Director, Creative Operations, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Amy Strickland, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Creative Operations, Sam’s Club

3:20 pm

TECHLAB: Helping your marketing team succeed in a world of NOW

Is your marketing organisation struggling to effectively collaborate across borders in the new world of digital and video? In this useful talk, Ian Wheal, Adstream’s Global Strategy Director demonstrates the how-to's of creative collaboration— from content intelligence and working with high-quality video, to tips on connecting linear and digital workflows. A talk designed to help connect your marketing team, and highlight the pivotal role of DAM in today’s leading marketing organisations. 

Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director, Adstream

3:40 pm

Refreshments and visit the exhibits

3:50 pm

TECHLAB: DAM of the Future- Key Trends for 2017

Stephen Bouzan, Chief Architect, assetSERV

4:20 pm

Beyond DAM - a Thought-provoking Roundtable

Solving DAM and delivering a successful DAM program can be an interesting enough challenge, but is DAM itself the ultimate goal?  Usually, DAM is a foundational element of something bigger – nothing less than the “digital transformation” of your business and your organization. Monetizing your assets, engaging your consumers and business partners in the digital economy, and even feeding information and analytics into your business strategies. The path to digital maturity.

We invite you to share your own thoughts and debate your paths for DAM in break-out roundtable groups. Looking beyond traditional best practices, business cases and technologies, come and share: 

  • How do you see your organization’s digital future unfolding?
  • What are the future touchpoints for DAM and metadata?
  • What digitally-engaged companies are already doing

Come share in a conversation to expand our perspective beyond DAM to true digital transformation.

Session Leader:
Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
John A. DeMarco, Manager - Digital Marketing Operations, 3M
Chris Barkoozis, Director of Content Management Services, Allied Vaughn
Liana Cave, Senior Manager, Digital Asset Management, Hilton
Mark Davey, President, DAM Foundation, CEO, IQequity Ltd, Consulting Analyst, Real Story Group
Kyle Hufford, Director of Digital Asset Management, Monster Energy
Cyndie Lalic, Manager, Optimity Advisors
Mark Leslie, Senior Manager, Digital Asset Management, adidas
Matt Zwicker, Pre-Sales Engineer, IO Integration, Inc.

Creative Operations - Up for ‘The Challenge’

Drawing on the themes covered in previous presentations and panel discussions, this roundtable session led by Ken Madsen of Diadeis GSG identifies the top challenges facing creative operations teams.  

Then we break into groups and pool our thinking to identify the best ways to meet these challenges. 

Some key challenges are:

  1. Who does what: organizational structure
  2. How it’s done: operational technology / infrastructure
  3. How to evaluate performance (the metrics necessary for management)  

THERE’S STRENGTH IN NUMBERS AND THE WISDOM OF THE CROWD – join with your peers to discuss common challenges and reap the benefits of close collaboration.

Session Leader :
Ken Madsen, Co-founder, Diadeis GSG
Mindi Bridges, Founder/Principal Consultant, M Creative Solutions, LLC
Kathleen Cameron, Digital Archivist, Nest
Carin Forman, Director, Digital Photo Services, Home Box Office, Inc.
Bronwen Tibbe, Creative Operations Director, Urban Decay Cosmetics

Rights Roundtable

This session will be collaborative in nature.  Everyone in the room will be invited to participate in a discussion about how rights can and should augment asset management.

Among the issues discussed we will address:

  • Common user stories – ways in which our various businesses use the content in our DAMs and the need to know what rights are available.
  • Software solutions – to what extent are companies still using Excel to track rights?  What other systems and solutions have companies installed?  
  • Financial Analytics – what kind of business intelligence do companies need to decide how best to monetize their content?
  • Best practices – What can the asset management sector teach the rights management groups about metadata, discoverability, and taxonomies?
  • Are there legitimate standard rights expression languages that should be used? 
  • Is ODRL ever going to make it to prime time? 
  • Exploding silos – Are there ways to bridge the gap between asset managers and the legal department through technology solutions and workflow changes?  How can companies improve communication among finance, legal and content? 

Session Leader:
Ed Klaris, Founding Partner, KlarisIP

5:30 pm

Drinks Reception

Drinks kindly sponsored by: 

6:30 pm


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