TechLab: Day One - Thursday November 17

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
DAM - Now At The Core of The Creative Process

DAM solutions previously were a place to store, manage, distribute and archive finalized content.  Now it is being used to mange, track, review and approve the actual creation of the content.  

Come hear how DC comics is implementing next generation solutions and workflow to manage the end to end comic book creation process.

Jon Christian, Founding Partner, OnPrem
Hank Manfra, Director of Technical Operations, DC Comics
David Sugg, Executive Director - Technical Solutions, Warner Bros

11.00 - 11.30am
Decoupling of Advertising Services: Creating Clarity from Confusion

Decoupling of Ad Agency services, with the intention of lowering marketing costs and reducing time to market, can often be fraught with risk. The intense metadata requirements within the pharma industry have created a series of complex approval and retention policies, posing challenges unique to traditional marketing. While identifying the benefits of decoupling, it’s important to recognize the potential effects with the agency-client relationship. In this panel presentation we will discuss these challenges and how an enterprise DAM can support transparency between all stakeholders.

Chris Barkoozis, Director of Digital Asset Management Services, Allied Vaughn
Brian Cross, KlarisIP
John Florance, DAM Practice Manager, Risetime
Charlene Lewis, Sr. Manager, Agency Management Services, Genentech

1.25 - 1.55pm
Machine Learning and Digital Asset Management

Haven't you always dreamed that your DAM would do the tedious job of adding metadata all by itself? Are you jealous of the control and insight your colleagues in eCommerce are boasting?

In this session by Tom De Ridder, CTO at STYLELABS, we look at how machine learning in ⓜ, the Marketing Content Hub brings all of this within reach of DAM.

Auto classify your assets. Auto detect subjects and human faces in images in your DAM. Including face, landmarks, pose, gender and age. 

Integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect text in an image and extract the recognised characters into metadata to enable searching.

Enrich your DAM with Recommendations and Predictive Analytics.


2.00 - 2.30pm
Mind the Gap: building a bridge between the digital and physical worlds

Marketing dollars are increasingly shifting to the digital space, yet 85–90% of purchases are still of physical products purchased in brick-and-mortar stores. Ensuring that your customer’s experience is consistent, in both the digital and physical worlds, is a critical success factor. In this TechTalk, we’ll explore why Digital Asset Management should be the focal point of all content and communication for any brand. Join us to learn how you can bridge the gap to create great, and consistent, customer experiences no matter where your brand travels.

Joshua Foster, General Manager, MediaBeacon
Chris Janzar, Solution Architect, MediaBeacon

3.20 - 3.40pm
Helping your marketing team succeed in a world of NOW 

Is your marketing organisation struggling to effectively collaborate across borders in the new world of digital and video? In this useful talk, Ian Wheal, Adstream’s Global Strategy Director demonstrates the how-to's of creative collaboration— from content intelligence and working with high-quality video, to tips on connecting linear and digital workflows. A talk designed to help connect your marketing team, and highlight the pivotal role of DAM in today’s leading marketing organisations. 

Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director, Adstream


3.50 - 4.20pm
DAM of the Future- Key Trends for 2017

As 2016 draws to close we notice DAM platforms have metamorphosed from being storage and digital management platforms to being the central pivot driving digital strategy in organizations. In this session Stephen Bouzan, chief architect from Cognizant assetSERV talks of some of the key trends that will impact DAM platforms in 2017.

Stephen Bouzan, Chief Architect, assetSERV  


TechLab: Day Two - Friday November 18

8.00 - 8.45am: Complimentary Breakfast Briefing:
DAM for E-commerce: A 5-Step Plan

Boosting online retail sales requires appealing and accurate content, available and published at the right time. How to transform your production information creation process to fit the new needs of multichannel retail? Diadeis has designed a 5-step methodology to allow all brand owners to implement it quickly. This new content includes product images, brand assets, key visuals, marketing claims, but also carefully approved ingredient lists and legal data. It therefore requires new guidelines, new creation processes, a new central repository and new ways to track and report how this data is used. Discover how to design and implement an e-commerce content plan, how to deal with new types of content and how to introduce new stakeholders into the process.

Jean-Charles Morisseau, Chairman, Diadeis


10.10 - 10.40am: 
Find any asset in seconds. Do you even need a DAM anymore?

What’s the value of owning millions of assets if you can’t find them, monetize them, and operationalize them quickly? Between migrating content to cloud storage, managing a mix of legacy filesystems, manually transcribing metadata, and trying to wrangle the velocity with which assets are being generated, a significant amount of time and money gets wasted in asset discovery, organization and lost data. Come learn how GrayMeta’s MetaFarm™ platform automatically ties your entire environment together, within minutes, giving you the tools you need to find and use any asset you own.  

Aaron Edell, Chief Product Owner, GrayMeta


Cloud-sync services vs DAM – what’s the difference?

Cloud-sync vendors such as Box, Dropbox and others are getting inspiration from the DAM industry. Are they competing with DAM vendors, and can companies postpone or even skip taking on a DAM as these services get better?

Learn the fundamental difference between a DAM and a cloud-sync service, and why both are great for your company.

Christopher Frenning, CEO of FotoWare

OPENTEXT & IPV Advanced Video Workflow

In this demonstration learn how Media Management adds comprehensive professional video processing capabilities with seamless integration from industry leading IPV Curator for a single “all-in” media asset management solution. IPV’s sophisticated video tools and OpenText Media Management DAM provide integrated pro-video workflows. Including work-in-progress, professional editing, video logging, tagging, collaboration, review and approval plus secure access to share, deliver and use finished assets. The Advanced Video Workflow solution enhances your creative video efforts with rich metadata to manage your content delivery, accelerate your time to market and increase return on investment.

Jaspreet Lamba, OpenText Principal Solution Consultant
David Cole, President, CEO, IPV, Inc.
John Price, OpenText Senior Product Marketing Manager

From Photoshoot to Campaign, 'Clearing' the Way For Your Digital Assets

In today's constantly evolving digital media landscape, there's an increasing need for cross-departmental integration and a focus on Digital Asset Managers to ensure content goes farther and gets utilized faster. In this session we'll take you through the journey of a digital asset, from creation to distribution, illustrating how critical it is to capture and clear asset rights for use in real-time in order to speed up the production cycle, reduce overhead costs, and mitigate compliance risk. We will detail how FADEL’s Asset Rights Clearance Solution automates these processes and connects systems, demonstrating real-world clearance use cases and discussing best practices.

Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, FADEL


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