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Welcome from David Lipsey, Conference Chair



DAM in 2018: The Great Migration

“Migration" is a word that conjures up visions of change, movement, and difficulty. Whether it’s the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another, the often fraught relocation of people fleeing a troubled homeland, or the overwhelming task of moving our data and assets from an outdated system to another - every type of migration presents a unique challenge. There are multivariate factors that make for a successful or failed migration, and inevitably there are details that spring up along the route that require adaptation, fortitude, and perseverance. 

In 2018, DAM is no longer just about “creating a single source of truth” or “the single home for master assets”. Much like none of us live in the same home for our entire lives, assets must often find new homes, too. Today, our assets are migratory. They are constantly on the move, relocating, and looking to make a bigger impact.

How can we ensure our assets are ready for their travels, in 2018 and into the future? How can we ensure they accurately take flight, make it through the stages, and arrive where they can flourish and thrive? DAM in 2018 will explore the migration of our assets, looking beyond DAM systems and towards a more purposeful horizon. 

Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Strategist, Author, and Storyteller


DAM in the Bigger Picture

DAM platforms are often integrated with other systems & tools, enabling assets to flow automatically, information to be exchanged seamlessly, and a broader vision for asset management in general. 

Historically these approaches have often been systems-oriented – how do I integrate my DAM with technology X, tool Y, and platform Z? Emerging now, though, is an approach that is asset - and metadata-centric, not system & process centric:

  • How can I find an asset wherever it is?
  • How do I architect my environment to enable easy changes in workflow?
  • How does my business need assets to flow?

More subtle than “DAM of DAMs,” these questions can drive towards more adaptable asset management. Hear from a panel of experts who have taken this path, and explore how an approach like this drives business value and business agility.

Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Paul Geurten, Digital Lead Content, Philips
Thomas Stilling, Digital Media and Transformation Advisor
Madi Weland Solomon, Consultant
Matt Westrup, VP of Operations EMEA, A+E Networks


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DAM is for Life, not just for Pictures

Have you considered that you can store more than just pictures in your DAM?

In this session, James Naylor will explain how he is implementing DAM at Slimming World, taking into account all the types of assets, how they relate to each other, and how having everything in the DAM adds exponential value to the content that is being managed. Join him and find out how you can do the same. 

James Naylor, Group Publishing Systems Manager, Slimming World


Metadata Matters - because when it comes to content, it’s everything you have...

Metadata is a strategic imperative in the endeavour to effectively manage a company’s knowledge.

The successful implementation of any DAM or content related strategy requires the implementation of a holistic metadata schema that is supported by technology, people and process. It increases the return on investment of a content system by unlocking the potential to ingest, discover, share and distribute assets.

This session explores how different industries and organisations manage metadata and design their metadata models to fit their business needs. The panel will discuss lessons learned, top tips, successes and new developments in the field. 

Topics posed will include:

  • Metadata Model – does size matter? 
  • Metadata Maturity in the DAM
  • Governance? Yes, No, or…  
  • Is there a number of metadata fields we can realistically ask people to enter manually?
  • Metadata, DAM and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Metadata and synonym control with technology – tips and best practices 
  • Metadata and migration examples and advice 

John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors
Phil Ellerton, Global Digital Asset Manager, Save the Children
Alberto Orihuela, Global Digital Asset Coordinator, ZEISS Microscopy
Brendan Quinn, Managing Director, International Press Telecommunications Council
James Sharman, Business Systems Analyst - DAM Strategist, Stanley Black and Decker


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Building a Production Infrastructure that works at Arsenal F.C.

How can you stop creatives from rolling their eyes whenever technology is mentioned? The short answer is - by constructing an asset lifecycle that is both efficient and puts creative front and centre in the process. 

Join John Dollin as he discusses the challenges involved in producing high volume, multi-platform, time sensitive content for a global audience at Arsenal and how they are ultimately able to deliver this content consistently. 

John will explain how they manage to stay agile (a necessity at the Club), spread the word through evangelists and automate where possible. Overall, this approach helps Arsenal to balance People, Process and Technology in a way that works.

John Dollin, Senior Systems and Operations Manager, Arsenal Football Club


Hype or Hope - Can Artificial Intelligence help Power DAM User Adoption and Engagement?

Victor Lebon of ICP hosts a panel of experts who will introduce some of the ways in which AI is starting to make an impact in the way DAM systems are being used.

This session will include discussion around the AutoTagging of assets, and user support services using chatbots and Virtual Assistants, and specifically how these can dovetail with the existing Asset Manager and Librarian roles within an organisation and its partners.

Victor Lebon, CEO, EMEA & APAC, ICP
Maria Efstathiou, WW Business DAM Product Owner, Ubisoft Entertainment
Thomas Eusterholz, Co-founder, AI Integrations
Kristina Herz, Head of Digital Asset Management, Royal Horticultural Society
Romney Whitehead, Digital Content Specialist and DAM Consultant


Unleashing AI on your Assets: Experience from the Sky Royal Wedding app

Based on his recent experience as project manager for the Sky Royal Wedding Who’s Who app, Matt Eaton will talk about what is actually involved in training a custom machine learning model and its potential to create deeper customer experiences.

Matt will talk about the practicalities of applying innovative AI to a new services, considerations for sourcing and curating appropriate training data from the archive, and the operational aspects of running a live event.

Matt Eaton, General Manager EMEA, GrayMeta


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DAM Clinic Roundtables

Peer-to-peer discussions focusing on your biggest DAM conundrums

Choose from: 

  • How Should DAM Evolve to meet Marketers’ Needs?
  • AI & Video - Playing Together Nicely
  • DAM is for Life, not just for Pictures: Discuss
  • What About My Day Job?
  • DAM and Brands
  • Expanding your DAM Across Borders
  • DAM Those Robots! The role of AI and Machine Learning in Digital Asset Management
  • Transforming DAM with Dynamic Assets
  • How DAM fits into your Broader Digital Transformation
  • Is There Long-Term Value in Brand and Marketing Assets?


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